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  1. ElectricEel

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    So yesterday me and my friend who only recently started blazing went out with a joint we had bought from our friend who rolled up a 10 bag into two spliffs for us a few days back, we looked through the Rizla and saw it had less Tobacco in than it usually would and it was a bigger joint. So we sat down and started doing regular tokes. I took a few massive hits because i wasn't feeling it yet. When we both got up we started walking away from the bushes then i just remember having this feeling that i kept remembering where i was every time i focused on something, a little bit like i was being left behind by time. I kept reminding my friend that i was feeling this although he was feeling positive. I wanted to get up and then sit down and vice versa and was conscious and worried that someone was going to call me and i'd get found out. I then kept getting scared i'd lost my glasses, even with them on my face and i'd keep thinking left my phone somewhere, my hands kept going numb and it felt like if i kept rocking back and forth the high felt a lil' bit better, when the sun started shining on us it felt like it was brightening up. I read up that running and jogging helps you sober up and I ran 7 times round a Football/Soccer pitch where we were doing it. He wanted to go get some food and i kept yelling because i was frightened i was going to get hit by a car. We eventually made it to the shop where i sobered up a little then i noticed that we had been at the field for 2 hours just sitting there, we got some cookies and energy drinks, two of which i drank and i felt like the 'trip' was getting better because i was acting normally, we were going to go to my house but i was worried that i would get found out so we waited underneath a bridge near by for the rain to stop then i started to feel a little bit more normal and we went into my house, i tried to keep my sentences short and not to blabber uncontrollably so that i wasn't found out. We sat watching TV and i felt milder versions of that forgetful/time leaving me behind feeling again. We then played some Xbox and a 4 minute match felt like an eternity. We decided to watch YouTube videos, we started laughing uncontrollably at them and then i started feeling normal again. The beggining of the 'trip' has me scared even now. I'm still shakey about it now and it makes me feel like giving up on weed.

    Any advice on how to avoid these 'trips' or reasons why i had this experience? Thanks guys.
  2. Adonijah

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    I stopped at smoking in the bushes.. Are you trying to get caught? Who goes to brushes to blaze?

    Edit: New member? I was here back in 04!
  3. ElectricEel

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    No its over a field where you go through the bushes up and over a hill, we blaze there mostly. That wasn't really the point. I put so much detail in because i thought that some factors would contribute to the experience.
  4. OldHempy

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    Dude, my mate showed interest in my love for ganja and decided to take it up also. After a couple of months he started to feel similar to what you have described, needless to say he went cold turkey on the ganja and has never touched it since!

    I hope that it doesn't reoccur for you in future sessions...

    i would recommend that you perhaps try smoking some lower grade nugget or even just take it in really small doses. The harsh truth is that we are all affected differently and have different thresholds depending on what kind of stuff we have going in between our ears. I would say that you have experienced some mild psychosis and taking some time off would probably be a good option so that you can start fresh!

    How long have you been blazing? (if you don't mind me asking)
  5. ElectricEel

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    Only for about a month because i haven't been able to find a frequent dealer. Thanks for your advice by the way man.
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  6. Adelaideyouth

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    OldHempy's advice is spot on, though i'd like to add that if you do smoke again, make sure you're in a relaxed environment. Have some friends around, if it's possible maybe put on a movie, have some food at hand and just chill out. Most bad experiences with weed can be put down to people psyching themselves up and 'freaking out', also if you're a relatively new smoker, maybe you just had a bit too much??
  7. Onetimeposter

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    Hey there, I don't know if this will ever get read, but I kind of had 2 similar experiences and wanted to share. I just turned 19, and have been smoking for a good year now. Up until May, I would smoke with a group of 3-4 friends, rarely ever solo. Then, I came home from school and just vaped to myself every day. A few weeks ago, I met up with some friends and we were on my friend's apartment roof. We had smoked a bowl a few hours prior, but this time we had a bong. My friend hit 1st, I hit 2nd and my other friend hit 3rd. I immediately started feeling lightheaded and dizzy. I took a few sips of my Mango Arizona and started to feel better, but I didn't smoke anymore. Then, a few minutes later, I felt it. I felt..empty. I felt like I was nothing, like I wasn't there. I started to believe I didn't exist. All I could hear was my two friends saying "Yo Chris are you okay?" things were going really slowly and I knew that this had to stop, so I started trying to do things to "Wake myself up". I was hitting my arm against the table, and I apparently started running into the railing. I don't remember much from it, I blacked out for about 10 minutes. (Timeframe: 15 minutes after initial bong hit). I started to pull myself back together. I asked my friends questions (What color is my grinder, my bag, etc.) and I finally calmed down. I couldnt walk very well, but I stood up and walked over to a chair. My friends said that this was one of the most exhilarating experiences for them. I looked around, and I noticed that there was furniture knocked over, and I had apparently done it. I wasn't really with it after that for the night, but the next day, I felt fine. We vaped, smoked, smoked more, and I was fine.
    Flash forward a week: I'm dog sitting for my aunt and have her house to myself for the weekend. The first night I roll a blunt and smoke it the next morning. I also make a makeshift bong out of a Gatorade bottle and a glass slide that I picked up at a headshop. I smoked several times (with the same weed from my friend's earlier) and was fine.
    Fast forward to July 27th at 11:58pm. It's 2 minutes before my birthday, so I pack a bowl for my makeshift bong. It's a decently sized bowl, and I top it off with kief, because fuck it, it's my birthday. I go outside on my patio and light up. After I finish, I'm just sitting out there chilling, and I get a happy birthday text from a friend. I was a little too high to come up with a proper response, so I just left it. So I empty the water out, blow the bowl out, wrap it in a paper towel/dryer sheets, and go inside to my room. I'm lookin forward to opening my ginger ale and watching a movie, so I sit on my bed. And then it starts again. I can't feel anything. I felt like I couldn't control anything. I try turning on my light, but I can't turn the knob. I call my dog into my room, and try to get her up on my bed. But then I feel like I'm making too much noise. All this time, I'm trying to convince myself that this isn't going to be a bad high like the time at my friend's. But it is. I somehow make it up my stairs (my room's in the basement) and I stumble and fall and cut my lip. I open my eyes and my mom's shaking me saying "Chris, Chris, what the fuck's going on?" and I'm crying and shit and I can't answer her. I want to answer her and I know what I wanted to say, but I couldn't say it. I finally calm down and am able to get some water, and sit on the couch. My mind is RACING as well as my heart. I couldn't keep a conversation going, i kept getting distracted and shit. My mom makes me a quesadilla and I take a few bites, and then try to explain to her what the fuck just happened. Finally around 3am, I'm able to talk normally, but I'm EXHAUSTED. I sleep like a baby for 6 hours and then I'm "fine". As "fine" as anyone can be after experiencing whatever I had just experienced.
    It honestly makes me not want to smoke ever again. Don't get me wrong, I love smoking weed, but I was so scared and so...alone..I'm going to take a break until I go back to school, and I'm only going to smoke in small amounts in a relaxed environment with my friend's I guess.
  8. Adelaideyouth

    Adelaideyouth New Member

    wow man, um idk, I don't really have an answer for you, i've never heard anything like that before, but it sounds to me like a break would be a good idea, maybe talk to a doctor about this?
  9. Onetimeposter

    Onetimeposter New Member

    Yeah, I don't want to really, but it's probably best.
  10. Adelaideyouth

    Adelaideyouth New Member

    I would say so, if possible try and find a doctor that you know is er weed friendly so to speak (State Law permitting of course)

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