Bad Idea for Husband to Smoke while trying to concieve?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Sib, Oct 16, 2002.

  1. Sib

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    Hi there,

    My husband smokes regularly (about once a night/joint or half joint).....We want to start a family within the next few months. Should he stop smoking while we try? I'm not worried about fertility at this point, but wonder if anyone knows whether "high sperm" cause any kind defects in babies...? Thanks!
  2. Conine

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    Hey Sib, I don't think you're going to get any hard facts on this, probably just opinions. Some are going to tell you to definitely stop because why would you want to risk anything to an unborn child, and others are going to say there's nothing proven anywhere that'll say it makes any kind of difference.

    What's your heart telling you? If you're that worried about it, you could always just tell him it would mean a lot to you.... of course, I say that and we've never had any conception problems (we're a little TOO fertile if you know what I mean) so taking 6 months off might cause some resentment... what's your and his thoughts on it?
  3. regularguy

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    If you have a child and he/she has birth defects that were said to have been caused by smoking, and you dont smoke cigarettes, would you be able to live with the fact that your child is suffering everyday for the rest of his/her life because of something you or your husband did? I am under the impression,i.e. my belief, that everything that is you gets transfered through your reproductive organs, be it through recessive or dominant genes. It is both of you that make the choice. It is about responsibility. If you/him cant lay off the marijuana for a few months then are you really responsible enough to have a child? Or are you responsible enough to live with the consequences that may arise? Is it even worth the risk with your childs life? Should that consequence even be a choice?

    I know that you dont want this to be a moral issue and just want to know if there are effects from pot that are well established. But, it is to serious of an issue for me to not put questions upon you(you dont have to answer them publicly and im not asking you to) that can effect the rest of your life.
  4. Sib

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    Thanks. I'm not worried about being able to concieve (we haven't tried yet so why worry yet?) as I am about whether the pot would cause other problems....I guess I am comparing it to alchohol...I wouldn't think "drunk" sperm would be cause for alarm...I'm sure many of us were concieved on it...but is "high sperm" worse since it's a drug.....we are probably better off laying off it altogether while we try to concieve...I don't smoke at all actually but he does...which brings me to my next question: anyone know how long it stays in your system/how long we should wait from cold-turkey stop date before trying? Thanks for your input!
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    Basically my first post is half of Conine's post. I was waiting for someone to put more depth to the other half of the disscussion but i dont think that really matters. It is up to you.

    As for knowing when it is "safe" to do the deed, i dont think you will get a good answer from a website but ill try. Pot stays in your system for about a month. During that month both of you should be doing whatever you can to be healthy individuals. After a month the pot is usually gone. No one i know has failed a drug test with a month off. You may want to ask your doctor if he has a better answer. They have access to studies that you and me may not know about. They are paid to know stuff like that.
  6. Mamabudz

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    There is no scientific evidence that cannabis has, for them past 2 billion years, effected the transfer of genetic material from sperm to ovum during fertilization.

    You may want to note the low rates of genetically induced birth defects on the island of Jamaica in the rasta community and in other nations where cannabis use is high in specific poplulations.

    Of course you must go with your heart as well as your head. If this is an issue you and your husband cannot agree upon then perhaps there are other underlying issues as well.

    Cover all the bases in your psychological relationship as well as physical... That bio clock may be ticking honey, but children can't be put back if realize this marriage wasn't made to last forever...

    As far as smoking during the actual conception??? That would take talent...and flameproof sheets! :D

    ...take a cookie and think this through ;)


    Mama Budz

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