Bad Trip Back in Feb has me questioning reality

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Chairman Meow, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. I had the same experience multiple times on lsd and I have been searching for someone who experienced something similar. I have the same questions you do and obsessions you do. And have been looking for anyone who can relate or give me some kind of feedback. My life at the moment is amazing. After my last LSD experience I came back realizing it was ok that I didn't know and that I wasn't ready to know. But what I need to do is enjoy every moment that is happening right now.

    Get as much experience as possible from this ride. But from time to time the questions return and I am not satisfied with the answer I have given myself. Which is why I end up on sites like this looking for others who have been "there" and for anyone with any feedback.

    I am going to go ahead and write what I experienced. I know this thread is about you experience but everyone here has given great feedback and I am hoping for the same so here is my story.

    At the peak of my acid experience I remember transcending time and space into what felt like a spiritual universe. While arriving at this place it felt like a billion memories, from a previous life before becoming human, were flooding into my mind. I had forgotten who I was on earth and simply remembered everything before it. I remember asking myself "How am I supposed to go back to my life after gaining this knowledge and remembering everything." But then a female being that was guiding me through all of it told me it was time to be reintegrated back into the human reality and that I would forget where I came from.

    Before the peak when I was approaching this universe or whatever, I remember seeing a spiral slowly unravel and when it become a straight line I reached the place and remembered everything. I thought, "How did I forget all of this. I can't believe I got lost and caught up in all of this human society with all of the unnecessary concerns and silly social rules and forgot why I was here."

    The only reason I remember this now is because I tried it, LSD, several times after this and the third time I managed to bring back pieces. But each time I was like "How in the world could I forget all of this." Anyway, when she said it was time to return, there was a terrible feeling each time. I saw the line ravel back up into this tight and constricted spiral and I was forced into my human body.

    During this process which felt like eternity I experienced the spiraling effect you described where reality would more or less reset and I'd be back at the start of the spiral loop. This happened again and again and I kept thinking about how I would reintegrate into this reality again and I would try so hard to hold onto any knowledge. But the clarity I experienced in that state was gone and my fallible human mind with it's unreliable memory took hold again and I slowly forgot and it was painful. It was almost like a really bad joke being played on me. I became distracted with what I was experiencing and forgot most of it.

    When it happened the first time, I came back and didn't recall a single thing that happened. Later I tried LSD again and my intentions where not to remember b/c I didn't even remember forgetting, I just wanted to enjoy the experience but I returned to that place and I remembered everything that happened the first time while experiencing it again. I remember trying to tell my friend, while the memories from the previous trip returned, so I could remember but I couldn't speak.I then left and went back to the place I had been to before.

    I have done LSD many times and have only experienced this maybe four times and on high doses only. Each time I would experience this in this reality all I did was sit there in a catatonic state and would occasionally yell or mumble gibberish. My friends thought I had lost it. But each time I would come back and in a second become completely lucid and normal. They couldn't believe it.

    I would go from staring off into space, not responding and having trouble remembering my name to being perfectly fine. Towards the end I remember being fine in the head and just watching as my body would do and say all of this stupid crap. It was like being in the passenger seat.

    I look back on this and feel like everything up until that point had been planned to get me to the place I had reached. And after the first time it seemed like there was an invitation to stay or remember or to change my life and I couldn't handle everything I was shown; So then it would spiral out of control.

    One more interesting note. The last time this happened, right before I went to the place again, I managed to right down beatific experience then crossed out experience and wrote vision. Then I lost my shit in the real world and mentally/spiritually went back to the place, which I remember being referred to as the Source or Core or something like that, I still don't understand the name.

    After I "returned" mentally my friends showed my what I wrote and were making fun of me for inventing words. It wasn't until about 3 weeks later I googled it and found out it was a real word. And not only that but it explained a part of the final experience perfectly. After this experience is when I came back from a painful experience with total peace. And it has, for the most part, lasted since then.

    Anyway that's my story. I hope it helps and I am interested in any feedback I can receive. Or if there is a better website to post this on, for good feedback. Thanks.
  2. Izzyrizzy

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    Damn K2 screwing people up...

    Why mess around with that synthetic bullsh**!

    Trip on Shrooms, DMT and LSD
    Smoke Ganja and be happy!

    Its simple :)
  3. MD1

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    It's not a bad trip, that's enlightened thinking. Where it is, or isnt, or you were, or werent, or if it was blue, red, clear, upside down, late, early, did any of it matter? It is a very deep thing and your weirding youself out, your mind is capable of handling it. You can't stress about it, because it all comes down to, the only thing you can do, is to do good, be a great person in all aspects. To not be the chaos, right now.

  4. Zeus1113

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    Reality isn't subjective m8. We all experience the same reality. Our perspectives are different, but that's really it. People who get fucked up and trip forever are still living in reality, their mind is just playing tricks on them.
  5. Zeus1113

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    BTW Your grandiose delusions and hallucinations (feelings of great truth associated with trips) are common with bad trips. They may not be as revealing as they seem to be as you may emotionally be attached to them.
  6. Zeus1113

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    No, reality is real. Our perspective is more fake as its an approximation of what our brain sees. Gravity, spacetime, matter, etc. are more important than human consciousness as far as reality is concerned.
  7. mzzn jzmzl

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    i felt the same thing 'thinking about the universe and meaning of life and wondering who is god' when i huff butane gas to get high, really though chemicals make u wonder about life brains are amazing
  8. Toiling over existence is as ancient as the cannabis plant itself. That said, it sounds like you weren't smoking weed at all, but rather hitting some of that mind warping spice garbage.

    P.S. Good luck with figuring out the meaning of life. When you get it nailed down, shoot me a message... I'm curious to learn the secret.

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