Bad Tripping. Need Advice From All.

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    My history: I am 37 yr old. Been smoking regular for about 10 years. I do not live in a medical state. About a year and a half ago, I got a Volcano vaporizer. Once I started working from home about 18 months ago, I started using more regular. Every day. Maybe 4 times a day on the vaporizer. The quality I get here was pretty good. Some was the cheap stuff, some good kush too. Basically, I had a good tolerance to getting high. Never had a problem. Always made me feel great. I have a bad back, arthritis from sports and this helped out tremendously. I was also starting to gain weight due to being inactive while working from home. I got up to 250 lbs. for a 6'0" frame late last year. I had quit working out on a regular basis. Usually when active I was around 205. I was around 195 when playing sports.

    My bad trip: I got some new stuff the first week in March. The smell was really strong. Really strong. It appeared to be a Kushy strain but didn't look like any I had seen. Like I said I am not in a medical state so its hard to tell. I tried it and after only two tokes from my vape bag, I knew I was good. It stayed with me for the remainder of the night. I went out with a friend to a comedy club and had a great time. When I got back before I went to sleep, I decided to have a few more drags off a bag before I laid down to watch TV. My heart took off. Racing like crazy. Probably got up to around 120 bpm. I have had this happen before but this time it was way different. I freaked out for a second. I called a friend and they came and sat with me. I do Yoga so I just took some deep breaths. I also took an aspirin. After an hour, I was sleeping pretty well. My heart was up but I was calm.

    A few days later, after working in the yard all afternoon because of a cookout I was having, I took two hits from my volcano off of some fresh in that batch. I had nothing to eat since lunch. My heart started racing like crazy. I got really sketchy all over. I laid down in the kitchen floor and a tingling sensation started to rise all over my body. A super bad trip. My mom got so worried that she called the paramedics. They came in and did a full EKG. My pulse was up at 100. My EKG was normal. Blood pressure was okay. Blood sugar was way low. I told them nothing about the weed. They suggested that I eat something. I went back to the barbeque. Had a meal. Went to lay down and the same thing started happening again. Heart beating really fast. Tingling. This time with some chest pain. I went to the emergency room to be safe. Told them nothing about the weed. They ran all the tests. I came back the same as in the paramedic truck. The doctor at the emergency room said that it was a panic attack. Gave me a prescription for xanax and sent me on my way. I didn't take one at the hospital because I have heard bad things about pills. I decided to go home sleep it off and call my regular doc. I saw my regular doctor days later. When I weighed at the doctors office I was 214. So I had lost about 35 pounds in three months to my surprise. My regular doc agreed that it was panic attack and gave me a lesser dose prescription and recommended me to a cardiologist. My cardio doctor gave me all the same tests. My heart rate was still up around 100. My EKG was normal but this time my blood pressure was slightly higher. I was also having some heart palpitations from the stress of all of this. He did full bloodwork. All normal. He did an echo of my heart. All normal. I wore a heart monitor for a month. He said that I needed to eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, etc. and quit stressing. Take a half a milligram of xanax when I needed to but that I was fine. I have only had to take the xanax a couple of times since March. Maybe 3 or 4.

    What I am coming here for is advice. I have been exercising, eating right, doing yoga. My pulse is resting around 85-95 again. My blood pressure is still a little high at 140/80. I need to know what to do in regards to vaping again. It was really beneficial to my pain in my back but I certainly do not want to have a bad trip again. Do you guys think that what I was having sounded like a panic attack? I don't like the idea of taking xanax and I have researched that marijuana helps anxiety. I was normal in January. Maybe my chronic use was helping me. Now I am in pain and a little stressed. Am I experiencing withdrawasl from not smoking? Should I just try it again and take a xanax if I feel it coming on again? I just don't know what to do. I just don't want another bad trip. I do want to do marijuana for my back though. Its a catch 22.

    I really need some advice and some help. Thanks for reading this everyone. Help if you know anything about this.
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    I would try a different strand of weed, and perhaps a different way of smoking. Also since it was a panic attack, it may be in your head. I know you are a seasoned toker and I believe you've had bad trips before so the biggest thing is staying calm.
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    Thanks for your reply! Actually, this was my very first bad trip. Never had one before. I have been vaping the past year or so. I flushed that strain I had because it was just too strong of a smell, caused a panic, etc. Since March, I have had some anxiety pop up here and there mostly when I am chilled out or trying to at night. I am not sure what strain it was. Not in a medical state so how would I know? It was very very strong though. Made me feel very tingling after just two toke. It looked like Kush but could have been a Sativa. No way for me to know really. Any advice on knowing? Is it possible that the daily intake I was doing helped an underlying anxiety issue. My blood pressure is now around 120/80 consistently but I still feel anxious from time to time. I am wondering if it is Mary Jane withdrawls if that is possible.
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    Maybe put down the vap for a while til you feel ready again, few joints slowly and see how you feel after each puff. A mate of mine once took a panic attack after hitting a bong of Kush in the 'Dam ( he never touched a bong again). But he still tokes daily :) . . Your body might be telling you to slow down :)
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    Maybe roll a few j's and just take your time, see how you feel after each puff :). . A mate of mine took a panic attack hitting a bong of Kush in the 'Dam and never touched a bong again (but he still tokes daily :)) . . Your body might be telling you to slow down:)
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  6. I usually never get panic attacks either but one time I had gotten this strain called Purple Urkle (indica) and everytime I smoked it it gave me serious anxiety and paranoia to the point where I would start shaking and my heart rate would speed up. My suggestion is to try a new strain (which could be hard because of where you are) or new way of smoking. Also try to keep your mind busy, watch a movie, listen to music or play a game, it really helps to keep your mind off of things that can put you in a panic. Hope this helps.
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    Its weird I guess because I did it for like 10 years with no trouble. Maybe I was overdoing it. I can get a weaker strain but they are definitely sativas. You know you real cheap weak stuff. I just don't want to have a bad attack. That shit wasn't fun. Hell made me quit cold turkey for 3 months now. I was really overdoing it though. Got up to daily use of like 3 to 4 volcano bags a day vs. just bong rips on a Friday years ago. It kinda robbed me of my confidence and scared me a bit. I lost my Eye of the Tiger. I would love to get back to occasional use. Not sure how.

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