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    Id like to fill you in on the basics. I'm a 16 year old male. About 110 lbs. I've smoked roughly about 10 times.

    So I have a question. I smoked a couple days ago & I had what I would consider a bad experience. I only took 2 hits. That's what I usually take. This time things got crazy. Within the first minute I could feel it working. Usually it takes about 10 minutes. I also notice that I tend to get very worried & paranoid. I felt like I was dying. I have high blood pressure and a bad kidney & I felt like my heart was racing out of my chest & my kidney was failing. I was freaking out. I forced myself to sleep. I was so scared. Even after waking up the next day, I still felt high. I thought sleep got rid of it? Well my question is, what can I do to prevent this from happening again? I don't want to quit cause I do it only maybe twice a month, not often. Please, good answers.
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    2 hits of x weed can easily be much stronger than 2 of y or z weed, and your symptoms are clearly those of someone who's overdone it. Too much of anything (even water) can overload the body, and that's what happened to you. Your body's not always at the same starting point either, as in tired, hungry, anxious, etc., so how it hits you can vary even with the same amount from the same bag.

    Nobody's ever died from an overdose of mj, and even though many alarmed newbies have gone to the ER after using too much, there's no treatment done or needed. The answer to your problem is moderation, and just because your buddies can handle it doesn't mean that you can. Everyone is different and tolerance levels vary. I'd also make sure your useage doesn't go to twice a week, then twice a day. mj use on a regular basis can adversely affect your energy level and motivation to get things done.
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