Baking brownies for the first time help!

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by bpp102, Feb 28, 2012.

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    in about a week or so, im baking some pot brownies and i am planning on using about 7 grams(most likely) to maximum of 14 grams(most likely not). so lets assume that i go for 7 grams of kush. im going to use canola oil to extract the thc into edible form. The cannaoil will be about a cup. With this oil, im baking brownies and with 20cmx20cm pan, im gonna be dividing into 16 pieces. if i divide em in 16 pieces, would 1 piece be enough to get one person really high? or would it be not even noticeable? if its 16 is too many, how many pieces should i divide em into? im saying this cuz im only using 7 grams of weed and in most cases, when ppl say they were extremely high on brownies, im assuming they put about an ounce for the entire thing. I know how to make brownies(I saw recipes multiple times) but still.. first time baking it lol

    Oh and also my friend told me that brownies high is different. i get that but he said its more like psychedelic-ishh high. is it really? im kinda afraid that i wouldnt be able to control myself when im on brownies at home. like im a regular pot smoker and i bun in my room and show up to my fam members high and i still can control myself but iunno about bronwies. help!
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    the edible high is a more super relaxed, longer sustained buzz..your looking at probably a 4 hour good time..

    If your using 7 grams of dank.. 20x 20 cm's is probably about a 8 or 10 inch square pan..Yeah you will be good to go..Eat one, wait maybe an hour then eat another if you need to..Don't chow down, because it takes at least a half hour to kick in on empty stomach..

    Im not sure the fat content of canola oil..Most people use non salted real butter, to make their cannabutter..that is what I reccomend..

    The brownie mix will say bake at 350, but bake at 300 maybe 315 for longer than the mix says too..The cannibuttter will already have the thc in it..but you don't want to bake too high and bake all the thc out of the butter/brownies..
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    For many, an edible high is more of a body high. Also, as many will tell you, it takes 30-90 minutes to kick in. Some people will think it didnt work and eat more, and then when it all kicks in they feel overwhelmed. Give it the full 90 minutes to be sure. And if you are feeling overwhelmed, Ive heard eating normal food and vitamin C will help bring you down a bit (just what Ive heard).
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    Sometimes takes as long as 2 hours ..

    Also, I disagree with having to cook the recipe in the oven at lower than 350. Follow the recipe, whatever it may say. Baking at 350 will not kill the THC, I can attest to that because I bake 3-4 times a week, 50 cookies at a time, usually always at 350 and these babies work like a chaaaarm!

    If I were you I'd eat half of a brownie portion that you have there, and wait around 2 hours.
    That will answer all your questions right there. You will know the strength, etc.
    I think you'll feel it pretty good at half a brownie. A full piece would probably get you rocked. I'd do something like, half a portion. Then 3 - 4 hours later the other half.

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