Baking Soda Versus Bleach

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    Hello all.

    I have an upcoming hair follicle test on friday and since I would dearly like to not loose the position that I am applying for I have been searching for ways to pass. After reading numerous posts on this site as well as others, it seems that the bleach and redye method is the most strongly supported.

    Upon reading Jerry G.'s tutorial (of sorts) on passing a hair test, my question is this: If bleach and baking soda are both strong bases that are used to open cuticle, wouldn't it be a good idea to use the baking soda paste everyday? The bleach and redye is supposed to be followed by a deep cleansing with clarifying/detoxifying shampoo (which I today accomplished, with Paul Mitchell #3 and Fekkai Marine Clean Detox instead of Toxin Wash) to help remove the metabolites while the cuticle is open. So tomorrow when I take a shower, wouldn't it help to apply the baking soda paste for 20 to 30 minutes to open up the cuticles again and attack it with my shampoo? And then just repeat this every time i get into the shower until the test time? I understand that this isn't the healthiest thing for my hair but I'm willing to take the risks.

    Also... Jerry's guide says to wash out the bleach and dye. Has anyone else having trouble with removing the bleach? My hair is naturally a medium brown color, and after 15 minutes of Paul Mitchell and 15 more of Fekkai my hair appears to look like it did before my bleach and redye today (it was looking slightly darker than what it started as before my shower, actually) except for a couple of small spots where theres a noticeable yellow tint.

    Any help would be appreciated from anyone who wants to chime in.

    Oh, and if anyone was planning to tell me to pick up some zydot, it's already been ordered :)

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