Barrie, Ontario

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by imported_sky_high, May 18, 2005.

  1. imported_sky_high

    imported_sky_high New Member

    So I might be moving to Barrie within maybe the next month, and im wondering what its like. Ive never been into the city, just outside it though. What the weed like? what kinda prices? Also whats the city like in general? Oh yeah, if you have a room for rent in a house or something lemmie know, I need a place. Peace. :thumbsup:
  2. mangoboy

    mangoboy New Member

    I hope you're not planning on living there for long. I lived there for 2 years about 15 years ago and I've visited relatives there almost yearly. And I have never lived in a more boring city as Barrie. About the only thing to do there is go to the downtown area and even then you can walk the whole area within 5 minutes. There are a couple of headshops there. They do have a Licks there though, great burger place, but Licks have been popping up all over Ontario. At least weed is standard Canadian prices and pretty primo too. Sorry to sound so morbid but its how I remember the place. I was only 13 while living there and so maybe some of the locals can give you a better idea.
  3. mangoboy

    mangoboy New Member

    I wanted to add that my cousin in Barrie, often reminicises(sic?) about Barrie Bud when smoking out-of-town pot, even Cali-grade dank. So it can't be all that bad.
  4. inu313

    inu313 New Member

    dude, i live in Barrie

  5. inu313

    inu313 New Member

    Bc bud galore
    and amazing bush parties
    free weed, free drinks
  6. Furious George

    Furious George New Member

    i live in kingston which is also in ontario. if im not kistaken barrie is where the buste the huge grow up i na vats of an old brewery. they had a pretty impressive operation going if i remeber correctly. diffrent cats for diffrent stages. i dont see why this is importan but
  7. inu313

    inu313 New Member

    biggest grow op bust in canada
  8. imported_sky_high

    imported_sky_high New Member

    Inu313, thanks for the advise man. Maybe ill see you around :D Now if only I could sell my car so I can get my ass down there.
  9. GodKnows

    GodKnows New Member

    Man, barrie is the place to be, great weed, great people and if you smoke out doors your bound to find more people, i go out like, 4 times a week around eastview high school area, if you looking to smoke go there man, youll always find someone. And plus, we have liquid chrome in barrie, it ****in' rules, i got my pipe there and they were really cool about helping me find one i wanted.
  10. crazymedic9

    crazymedic9 New Member

    new to barrie

    hey dude im new to barrie, and i have no clue where i can get some weed, i was wondering if you could point me in the right place?
  11. T0K3N00B

    T0K3N00B New Member

    It's a pretty boring area if you're not in highschool or college or if you don't know anyone there.

    Except for the parties it's really quiet, but I hear the bud there is amazing and they have a lot of it. It'll be pretty cool if you don't mind a quiet place.

    If you need weed, just go to a highschool or college after it's out and there will probably be someone smoking there. Or ask a friend if they know anyone who smokes there.
  12. Balazin

    Balazin New Member

    Barrie`s a pretty good place. You just gotta know people, or else it can be boring as hell.
  13. lllDINO

    lllDINO New Member

    Sorry to say, Barrie's a poop town compared to Toronto
  14. eimaj96

    eimaj96 New Member

    Barrie can get quite boring at times, depending on what you like to do it might not be boring.

    And for the biggest grow op it was held at the Molsons brewery, and if im not mistaken was an estimated value around 33.5 million.

    For the person wanting weed, juss go downtown and ask someone that looks like they would do it. Honestly alot of people do it so if they dont have it juss keep asking, I know a few people with it. Quite honestly juss go to highschools and ask someone on lunch or some shit. Or go to the college, i imagine someone there would have it. Dunno where else but its not hard to pick some up.

    Hope any of this helps someone =)
  15. locket

    locket Oodalolly

    All I can say is there is something in the water out there cos female athletes from Barrie are MONSTERS! Serious roid rage!!

    It's definitely not a diverse place...
  16. simon_james

    simon_james Sr. Member

    Barrie ain't half bad, I've lived there the past three or four years now. Weed is good and plentiful. If you feel confident enough its really easy to pick up at the Salvation Army parking lot, across from the bus terminal. Look for the groups of people there around lunch and dinner time and ask away.

    Make a point of hitting up Liquid Chrome too! Make sure you see the second floor.

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