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    Hello all, I have read this forum extensively the past couple of weeks and wanted to post my(our) story as my only way of repaying all the information I got off this wonderful site. Me and my wife both came under the hair testing gun recently and I just found out we both passed...long story short: we had roughly less than 5 days to prep and both are 2-3 times a month smokers of the green and everyday users of an off topic substance::bounce::. We both have brown hair, mine is dark and hers is light brown. Anyway after reading this forum for about 12 hours or so here was the gameplan that worked for us. Went to local beauty supply and purchased a gallon of 40 strength developer creme along with bleach and dye. We both got a hair cut on the way back, just a usual hair cut nothing drastic. When we got home we bleached our hair all the way, Bright Blonde is a good description. Then dyed back to natural. Every day till test, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day, we used the 40 strength developer creme by itself without dye or bleach, just rubbed it in real good and let it sit for 20 mins or so, followed by a good scrubbing with Original Tide powder and LOTS & LOTS of hot water. We did a standard MacCujo three times before the test and also rubbed 90% DMSO gel in for a few minutes the night before and the day off the test.
    I know what alot of you think about DMSO and I have read the posts so before I get slammed let me go ahead and say that DMSO is not approved for humans that live in the USA and can be dangerous so educate yourself before using yourself. It is widely used everywhere else in the world as a cure all for just about everything so we decided to try the gel, which we got from Tractor Supply in the horse section for $4 btw, we washed our hair three times and rinsed very good, applied the gel for 10 mins or so and rinsed it out. It burned like hell but no other side effects. Morning of the test did last mac then bleached, washed, DMSO gel'ed again and rinse, then dyed back to natural with lots of tide washes in between after everything. Above all else we give the main credit to 1.The 40 strength developer creme keeping the hair open everyday...we washed that first dyes color right out within 2 days or so... 2. Tide and its wonderful protein fighting enzymes, and again 3. LOTS AND LOTS of hot water. Can't say for sure what worked the most or what the least but can say it worked for us.
    Its been a week since all this and our hair is not falling out or breaking off and no chemical burns on our scalp...actually the Mac Cujo burned the worst of all.
    Now one more thing...we really didn't expect that we could pass it. It was worth a shot but with our history we figured we were screwed so we never stopped using, even the day of the takes a week before a drug to show in the hair and we didn't have that much prep time anyway. So we continued using and somehow we passed. I know we should use more control but we didn't. So it is beatable, don't freak out about it just research all you can. Maybe we were lucky but considering we both passed I got all the confirmation I need. Good luck to all, C-ya!
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    Good job on passing. Sounds like you really did your homework. Very informative post.
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    Thank you for posting this! I know that "off topic" discussions are not allowed therefore i have not posted or posed questions about my husband and I's current situation, i respect the rules of the board and have restrained myself from the nagging urge to post and ask questions. I have searched ALL over the internet trying to get information. I have read EVERY drug testing pass, fail etc forum on this site and it has been very very imformative *thank you all that took the time to post from step 1 finding out you had a hair test through 50 the final outcome, you have given me much hope and inspiration to our current situation. Well off to Bleach, dye, wash, sit in bath tub full of swimming pool chemicals lol figured next best thing to a hot tub. Mac, bleach, mac, peroxide, mac lol the list is long and only 5 days left.
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    Good info, but best place for this would be in the results thread.

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    Beat that hair test!!!

    Hello everyone,

    First I would like to say thank you to the previous poster who outlined his strategy of using the 40 strength developer, macujo's, etc. I just recently adapted this strategy to pass my own test. Here is the story:

    I am a college student and knew I was going to be drug tested for my upcoming summer internship. I had worked previously for the company and they had conducted urine tests so I was unpleasantly surprised when I was told I had to take a hair test this year. I had used marijuana up until about a month and a half before (my last dose was a huge weed cookie ;)) being notified that I had four days to take my test. Anyways I freaked.

    My first thought was to shave everything but that is a bad idea as it is like admitting to use. My next thought was cleanser shampoos, which are marketed as full-proof but I am skeptical. In my panic I bought Toxin Wash after reading the fake experimental tests on it. I ended up using this (only because I couldn't return it) along with the recommended distilled water. After reading the above post, however, bleaching/redying and macujo's seemed like the best plan. There are a number of scientific studies, which I read, describing the reduction of toxin levels using the harsh chemicals in these methods. Individually they may not equate to a pass but together they give you the best chance of passing. This is where my strategy gets extreme. So I had to see my parents a couple of days after I was scheduled to take my test so I didn't want to do anything to radical to the hair on my head and if at all possible I wanted to use a friend's clean sample. My solution was to trim my leg, arm, armpit, and chest hair and cut my head hair pretty short so they were all too short to provide samples. This left just my pubic hair. My thought was that the tester would be too sketched out by taking a pubic hair sample that I would be able to just use my friends' instead when they left the room. This would have worked but I didn't foresee that the direction of the hairs in the hair sample matters and my friend had just given me a clump of hair. For my psychemedics test, I had to trim the hair and lay it with the root end on one side of an aluminum tray and the hair ends going the other way so I just felt better about using my own. It's a good thing that I had nuked my own pubic hair as a back up.

    In the days preceding my test I:

    1. Mixed 40 strength developer with powdered bleach and let it sit in my hair until the hairs were totally bleached. This left my hair dry as straw, which made me feel confident that I had damaged the hair enough to remove the metabolites. I repeated this several times. This sucks and burns like hell.

    2. I did a number of macujo's (at least my adaptation of it). Vinegar, face wash (w/ salicylic acid in it), tide, and finally extra strength tgel shampoo. Rub thoroughly. This sucks and burns like hell.

    3. Used the toxin wash as noted above with distilled water.

    4. Mixed the 40 strength developer with hair dye. Let sit until hair was no longer bleach blond, however this was too painful to let the color fully return.

    I know all of this sounds crazy but I have a nutty personality and my family would have killed me if I lost my job to a failed drug screen. All I can say is that my strategy worked (phew!) and that while it was not a lot of fun I think it gives a good chance for success.

    Long live marijuana and f#@$ the man!

  6. hair test experiment

    okay ppl heres another experiment for the dreaded hair test.
    case and point:
    1 male subject 180lbs long blond hair (past shoulders perhaps 6 in or more) heavy smoker, clean to date 1 week. test day is unknown...but we are assuming at least a week out.
    tomorrow hitting the stores for some vinegar, distilled H2O, 40 creme stuff, dye, aloe rid, t-gel shampoo, new combs, towels and tide. we have 1 box of ultra clean 3 step and headed for probablly a few more boxes before its all saId and done, as they recomend 1 box per 5 inches of hair.
    riggorus routine of Mac Cujo wash with steps tgel, tide, aloe rid then vinear rinse. i plan we do this as many times a day as he can stand. we will bleach and dye and do this 2-3 times before d-day...continuing to wash 2-3x a day repeating the Mac Cujo routine with our plotted ingredients. follow up with the ultra clean 3step (hopefully right before) test. since he can schedule his own test time we hope to work this to our advantage. its been grueling time pouring all over the web for any info on this. UAs aint no thang, but this...oy this i've never come in contact with. the best results i have seen have been these two posts, as far as recent and seemingly accurate. i will repost here and there untill the test and results come in. any things i may have left out or any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. its for a bomb ass job making 7$ more an hr then wat he makes rite now for a total of 18/hr we sho do need this so hopefully he can endure all the hell it seems like its going to be.
    tryn to keep it real.
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    Hey guys need help...Ill make it quick. I am 42 years old fine thinning hair. I am 5'08'' 165 lbs. with a quick metabolism. Smoke for a year and a half a couple of hits a day 5 to 6 days a week. I have not smoked in 72 days and by the time the HFT comes up it will be 77 days. I have bleached my hair with 40 Vol and dyed it back. I have done the Gman method once already and have been using baking soda and paul mitchell for the past week. Today I am having my hair bleached by a pro and re dyed. I am planning on doing the Gman Thursday and then again on Sunday night before the test. I probably will not be able to do it Monday due to my test being early in the morning. I have had two haircuts in the past two months being that my hair is short and grows quickly. I have about 1.5 right now on my coconut. I will be trimming all my body hair too on Sunday. I have a concern if anyone knows about the bleaching, can they tell 5 days after and also I have an excuse for that cause I dye it every now and then because of my grey. This job means the world to me and my family if anyone can help!

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