Being a MJ user and owning guns

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by 420ciscosys, Jul 13, 2002.

  1. 420ciscosys

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    I was told that if I have a licence to carry in my state and I keep my gun locked up that the police could still give me trouble if I ever got caught with pot at my residence. Is this true can I be charged with additional weapons charges because I have pot and a gun in the same house even though I have a licence to carry? I can't see this making any sense since I have a permit and the right to bear arms gauranteed to me in the constitution.
  2. hedburner

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    Depending on what State it's another felony. Also I think the feds have a law about this too. A friend of mine got his grow popped, 12 plants about a half pound of primo buds. Good variety of flavors too. he had a 357 and a concealed weapons permit, and since he had the gun in the house they charged him with having a weapon in his possesion while being involved with the growing felony.
  3. commonsense

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    You should never carry a weapon and marijuana or other drugs at the same time. Depending on your jurisdiction you could get in a lot of trouble. You would almost certainly lose your conceal and carry license and you might end up in jail.

    Laws vary from location to location, but the general rule is that "drugs" and guns don't mix. If you happen to be a grower or dealer, you are quite likely to be slapped with additional charges if they find guns on the premises, not to mention the fact that they will likely spread your weapons out on a table along with the contraband they seized and show it on TV like you are some kind of violent criminal. It won't matter if they were only your hunting rifles and shotguns. People, including potential jurors and friends of the family, will think you are a menace to society.

    You are less likely to get in trouble with a personal amount of weed, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Any additional charges they might be able to file even if they wouldn't stick could be used as a bargaining chip against you to get you to take a not so good deal and possibly to narc on other folks.
  4. Herb Ninja

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    I don't really know about the gun/pot thing, but they would probably try and screw you over.
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  6. Dedbr

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    In filing the application...

    for a gun purchase,it asks if you have ever had a problem with alcohol or drugs.If you use drugs,it is considered a problem.If you are caught with drugs,it is a very big problem!

    If you use the herb,in the U.S.,you are considered a criminal,and you are not allowed to own a firearm of any kind!:rolleyes:

    That's right,of any kind!Where you keep it or how it's stored has no reason for being in this thread,but believe me,don't get caught with herb and a firearm or you will loose the privilege to possess it at all!:eek:
  7. Niteshift

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    I guess this must vary a lot from place to place.

    I've worked in 2 states and on the Federal level and never seen a person charged for having a firearm in their home because of a possession charge.

    Dealing and growing (manufacture) are a different animal, but not for just possession of a "personal use" amount. Of course both states I've worked in are states that support their citizens rights to own firearms.
  8. suede

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    In my state..........

    If you smoke marijuana,you have to lie to even legally purchase a firearm.If you are caught with any amount in YOUR HOME,and are in legal possession of a firearm,You WILL be charged with (2) FELONY counts.You will also lose the privelidge,(if convicted)of EVER legally owning another firearm.If you are stopped ,and caught with a bag,and your pistole is @ home under the mattress,,(it's not part of the bust) but,you still lose your liscense to own,or, bare arms.:rolleyes: kinda sad i.m.h.o.
  9. wakDbuds

    wakDbuds Jr. Activist

    thats wierd, its like theyre trying to turn drug users into an opressed minority with no rights at all, and make them unable to even defend themselves as the constitution says... i guess since you cant be racist or sexist anymore the government needs someone to slap around for their own twisted agenda...

    on the other hand, i can see why they wouldnt want people they are trying to arrest to be armed, though i hear that its pretty easy to get black market guns in america anyway...
  10. commonsense

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    You should come to my state where possession of under an ounce of marijuana is a misdemeanor but possession of marijuana paraphernalia is a felony. It's not that big of a deal to have quarter of weed, but man those rolling papers and pipes will kill you.

    In practice, they normally drop the paraphernalia crime down to a misdemeanor possession of an instrument of crime charge, but not before using the felony to get you to shut up and plead to any other charges you might have, whether you are guilty of all of them or not.
  11. wakDbuds

    wakDbuds Jr. Activist

    yep, the same thing here in australia commonsense, used paraphenalia is max. 3 years jail/ $3000, while the maximum penalty for cannabis is 2yrs/$2000. shop allover the place sell bongs and stuff with huge marijuana leaves on them, theres a headshop in the city of perth called 'joint venture' that sells all sorts of drug stuff. the laws are so messed up, and even though we are apparently 'fixing' them, the changes dont make any sense.

    they are going to 'regulate' shops that sell bongs... whatever that means, and 2 plants/30g of cannabis will be punished by an infringement notice. however any amount of hash oil will still result in criminal charges, and police retain the power to charge ANYONE with any amount of pot if there is 'evidence to suggest drug dealing'
    that could mean having a buch of your old baggies lying around, or a scale to make sure your not getting ripped off...

    hopefully this idiocy will come to light and ersult in sweeping reforms of the laws. we can but hope.....

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