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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by gots, May 30, 2005.

  1. gots

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    Will I be watched? Advice?

    What are my chances of being watched during my UA. It's for pre-employment at an older adult healthcare center. I'm actually giving the sample at the healthcare facility, where I'll be working, and then they are sending it off to a lab for analysis. Will they watch me? Can they even watch me? - if not at a lab? Basically, I want to figure out if substitution is the way to go.
  2. Buzzby

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    Pre-emp tests are almost never observed. The exception is DOT tests when they have reason to believe you'll try to fake them out.
  3. gots

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    thanks for the help!
  4. gots

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    Buzzby - what's the best place for a woman to concean a quix fix bottle for easy access once in the bathroom? It's kind of big. Should I put it in a smaller container? Or is it the amount of pee they need? Any thoughts would be helpful.
  5. didorusso

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    I am taking the risk of being hated by women. But you just make me laugh! :laugh: :rofl2:
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    Women are fortunate in being equipped with built-in a vaginal stash. People have reported success with those tiny sample shampoo bottles.
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  8. gots

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    Yea, yea, stupid question about hiding! Managed to do it just fine, by hiding it in my boot with a special sleeve. Only problem with this method is it seemed to cool about 4 degrees every half hour or so. My cup read 92 - which is cutting it close. Just got done with the test - I'm pretty sure I'm good to go, but am curious about what type of test was used. Like I mentioned before, I had to take the test in the healthcare facility I'm going to be working at. I had total privacy, so no problem on the substitution with Quick Fix. The cup seemed to be it's own test - with the drug level indicators on the side. First thing she said when reading the cup was, "This is a weird one." I said, "really?!" trying to act surprised. But then she checked it with another co-worker, "Saying this is negitive, right?" The lady confirmed, "yes." I'm pretty sure she dumped it down the toliet and that was that - no sending it off to a lab. What type of test was this?? Seems harder to fool with substition. My only fear now, it that she will think it was too unusual and ask me to take another one, or maybe some random day when I'm working, or at the orientation! Any opinions on this would help ease my mind. Thank you! :cool:

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