Bentonite (Sonne's #7 Detoxification)

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by ummsumdude, Dec 26, 2005.

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    I am on house arrest, and i get urine tests randomly. I've been using this stuff called "Sonne's #7 - Detoxification and Intestinal Purification via Alimentary Canal" very successfully. If you just follow the instructions on the back of the cardboard case, you too can have a successful urine screen. You can get it on line, but you could probably get it from many health food stores that sell dietary supplements and the like.

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    Its under 20 bucks a bottle at a health food store. I have used it also and have had good results with it. But it is still considered dillution and was discussed a while back. I pour and 8 oz glass one third full then mix with water and drink 3 glasses the night before and the same the next morning and never falied a test using it, although you still need to cut way back on smoking prior to the test. But anymore I use the dillution method to make sure my specific gravity is were it is supposed to be. I have even smoked a couple of one hits everyday and still passed a test the next day using it but I can say the same about the dillution method also.

    As with any method it takes practice and eperimentation to see what works for an individual.
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    i have been using sonne's for a day and a half now and i think its working. I took a sh*t and it was really light in color. I have more energy and feel happier.. But how long does it take to work? I have the test this coming monday or tues so do you think i will be fine??
    Im takin 2 8oz. glasses of it a day 1/3 sonnes to 2/3 water...Will i be okay??

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