best blunt wraps

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories' started by newbud, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. newbud

    newbud New Member

    What is your favorite blunt wraps and why I personally like the white grape by game or sour apple cyclones they taste so good the cyclones are already rolled
  2. KingKongBluntz

    KingKongBluntz New Member

    I like Kush Wraps or White Owl
  3. IheartDoties

    IheartDoties New Member

    You can never go wrong with White Owls, I use them for Lunch sessions with my buddies. They aren't the best tasting, but aren't terrible and roll AMAZING.
    I personally don't like swishers, but they're the originals, give them a try too.
    Also, The Garcia y Vega "Green leafs" are pretty weird looking, but they taste like maple syrup to me and burn incredibly slow, They're probably my favorite.
  4. Hashmasterflexx

    Hashmasterflexx New Member

    Backwoods if you can handle it
    EDIT: If you can't handle it, White Owl's never fail
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  5. dude89

    dude89 New Member

    swisher cigarillo the usual and backwoods for a real treat
  6. newbud

    newbud New Member

    So far I have had zig-zag game phillies and dutch so far dutch might be the winner but not conclusive
  7. K Breezy 420

    K Breezy 420 New Member

    White owls! They don't have different pieces so they don't fall apart and they taste great and roll incredibly easily
  8. GetRondo'd

    GetRondo'd New Member

    I used to love swishers until I discovered White Owls, specifically the White Grape flavor. That's pretty much all I use now whenever I roll.

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