Best book to read high

Discussion in 'Books' started by megyci, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. megyci

    megyci New Member

    i found the best book to read while high ever!
    the wishing chair, enid blyton! lol
    anyway post back with your ideas!
  2. newcarcaviar

    newcarcaviar Sr. Member

    For me, definitely On the Road by Kerouac.
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  3. RandomOne

    RandomOne New Member

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  4. ashlee lynn x0

    ashlee lynn x0 Sr. Member

    The Phantom Tollboth.
    It's crazy.
  5. The Bible
    by ..euhh... who?
  6. TwoJoints

    TwoJoints New Member

    I've tried reading while high; it doesn't work. The words in my peripheral jump at me. It's kinda funny.
    I've gotten through about 5 pages of Fear and Loathing in America by Hunter S. Thompson, which was pretty fun. I felt like I was Gonzo for about ten minutes.
  7. Doc Mitch

    Doc Mitch Sr. Member

    My reading comprehension goes down to about zero when I'm high.:(
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  8. GratefulDead421

    GratefulDead421 New Member

    The Dark Tower series is a great series of books to read high. Other than that I would have to say..Lonesome Dove, Their Eyes Were Watching God, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and just about eveything...
  9. pkster8235

    pkster8235 Lazy Dancer

    I like short stories when I am stoned due to a short attention span and poor short term memory..
    I really love Kurt Vonnegut's "Welcome to the Monkey House"
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  10. Snoe

    Snoe New Member

    Archie comics if I'm high on weed, short, comical and colorful.

    If I'm on shrooms I usually end up finding a magazine and go on adventures in the pages, usually wasting a good hour of my high.
  11. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Fear and Loathing in LV, or basically ANYHTING by HS Thompson
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  12. atthedrivein

    atthedrivein New Member

    I tried reading fear and loathing baked. I got soo fucking confused by his writing style, could'nt focus at all. I like to smoke a little bit and read I am America ( and so can you! ) before bed.
  13. maggie_monster

    maggie_monster New Member

    the unbearable lightness of being

    god bless you, dr. kevorkian
  14. Smash'N'Dash420

    Smash'N'Dash420 New Member

    I enjoy reading Dr. Suess n' shit.
  15. Thedayoudied

    Thedayoudied New Member

    lol that sucks i seem to understand everything 10X [tenfold] when i am baked.

    usually i like to go to the bookstore and read the psychology section. just whatever looks interseting ill pick up and read for a while.
  16. megyci

    megyci New Member

    my reading comprehension goes down as well, which is why i read enid blyton
  17. jakspar0w

    jakspar0w Tak!

    Extremely loud and Incredibly Close. It's exhilerating and Foer is such a subtle genius!
    I can also recommend Harry Potter because every time you re read it, you just notice more and more, but that is only if you are obsessed as me.
  18. e-4Rippin

    e-4Rippin New Member

    If you can get past the weird songs and odd language, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass are pretty good.
  19. jakspar0w

    jakspar0w Tak!

    Actually I did a Research paper on Alice in Wonderland. The whole week I was writing it, I was stoned. You couldn't be more right.
  20. e-4Rippin

    e-4Rippin New Member

    I know right, some of the storyline and creatures in those books are incredible

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