Best eye drops?

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What are the best eyedrops?

  1. Rohto V

    58 vote(s)
  2. Opcon A

    15 vote(s)
  3. Napthcon A

    3 vote(s)
  4. Visine

    85 vote(s)
  5. Clear eyes

    99 vote(s)
  1. huntcc02

    huntcc02 New Member

    I was wondering what everyone thinks is the best kind of eyedrop to use to eliminate redeye. And I don't want anyone who says: well I have only ever tried visine, so it must be the best. Preferrably I would like to hear from someone who has tried visine, clear eyes, etc. Thanks to everyone who responds.
  2. Daniel

    Daniel Moderator

    I like Visine AC. Seems to work about the best for me, but people comment on my pupils being dialated after use.

    It gets the red out for me.

  3. Alright, here's the deal, most newbie smokers go out and buy visine. Which is a total waste of money. It works good for a little while. Then it starts to take more and more for it to work. And it also only works on the spots on your eyes that the visine touches. So if it doesnt go throughout your whole eye, your ****ed. The visine also burns your eyes after a long time, and it makes your eyes more red after prolonged use. This is all firsthand experience with me, and all of my friends. Dont waste your money with visine, go straight for CLEAR EYES. It works so damn good, and you dont need 10 drops in each eye like visine. One time I had to use half a bottle of visine in both eyes to get them clear, and they were still a little red.
  4. PsYcHoLoGiCaL

    PsYcHoLoGiCaL Seasoned Activist

    Ive also heard clear eyes works well. I dont know though cause i dont use anything for my eyes cause my eyes dont get red :)

  5. Daniel

    Daniel Moderator

    Visine Vs Clear Eyes

    If you look at both of those products, they contain the same active ingredient, tetrahydrozoline (sp?).

    When you put a drop in, you blink, and it goes throughout the whole eye. Visine actually advertised (about 15 years ago) how the product would even help "clear the red out" of "both your eyes" even if you just put it into one. I do know that you don't have to cover your eye with drops.

    It will not make your eyes "more red" after prolonged use. Your body will develop a tolerance to it (as with any medication/drug) and if you use any eyedrop product regularly, you will need more to "get the red out".

    Look at the ingredients of each bottle. Most will contain like .05%-.25% tetrahydrozoline Hydrocloride. Take the cheap one (good sense, clear eyes etc) unless you want additional ingredients (like allergy stuff that Visine AC has).
  6. you dont think it will make your eyes more red, it will. After you've used it for a month or two, and you start to notice the burn, your eyes WILL go red. The burning sensation is irritation. The irritation leads to red eyes. Now it wont happend the first time, after one or two drops, but I'm serious if you've used it enough, and you do develop a burn, then i would just go out and buy clear eyes.
  7. RIP JMorrison

    RIP JMorrison New Member


    I effects everyone different. I think.
    I've used Visine for about a year now, on and off.
    It burns for about 10 seconds then just clears the red. The allergy Visine burns my eyes.

    I've heard that Clear Eyes works well, but I keep forgetting to try it.
  8. Rusty_Cage

    Rusty_Cage Sophist

    i use the store brand stuff and find no difference from visine and clear eyes.
  9. JTorch

    JTorch Guest

    Clear Eyes

    It is the greatest. But my friends dont listen. I say my friends because my eyes dont get that red even when I smoke a lot. My eyelids just drop. Dont get me wrong, they do get red, but not as much as others. Clear Eyes IS tight, woooow, I'm out.....
  10. potheadreturns2

    potheadreturns2 New Member


    My friend showed me these eyedrops, I'm not sure what they're called but I think it's opticon, and we put 'em in before we smoked and we didn't have any eye problems all night. But it's expensive like 12 bucks a bottle. Ok I'm completely baked right now I got a fat quarter of some great stuff. Alright I'm gone peace.
  11. no-sober

    no-sober Guest

    I think eye drops suck. i dont like the idea of incerting chemicals into my sockets.
    if you are that worried about it just wear sun glasses.
  12. huntcc02

    huntcc02 New Member

    yea, Im sure my parents wouldn't get a little suspicious if I came in at midnight with sunglasses on..... My eyes get so cherry, it looks like they are bleeding or something. Crazy sheit.
  13. Slightly Stoopid

    Slightly Stoopid Senior Member

    Though i agree eye drops do kinda suck, they aren't really chemicals. I beleive they make eye drops out of the same stuff your tears are formed with.

    My gripe about eye drops is this. people think having red eyes is a dead give away that someone smoked pot or whatnot. However, most people have alergies, and when they get allergic reactions, eyes turn red.

    Your eyes can also turn red with stress, and when you don't get enough sleep, stuff like that. Not to mention contacts, if you have contacts you excuse for red eyes is already set!:chokin:

    So what i have learned from years of smoking is that the hassle of inserting eye drops is not neccesary, because really having red eyes is not a give away that someone has smoked. I avn't put eye drops in my eyes for 3 years, unless i use a special solution for my contacts.
  14. Shawn420_8

    Shawn420_8 Guest


    optcon-a is the best.
  15. deadhed

    deadhed Guest

    Urban Ninja was told of some super-powerful eye drops that they sell in japan used by programmers or something. I can't find the post, but they sound like they kick ass.

    200 posts....wooo.
  16. Slightly Stoopid

    Slightly Stoopid Senior Member

    One last piece of info, when parents look into your eyes, they don't look for redness.

    Chances are they are checking to see if your eyes or diolated. Drinking Beer, smoking bud, or any other drug diolates your eyes. By checking your eyes parents can get a good sense of if you been doing anything "naughty".
  17. obelix

    obelix New Member

    I do suffer from allergies so I got these antihistamine eyedrops. Turns out they a brilliant for getting rid of red eyes after toking:burnup:
  18. firedoob

    firedoob New Member

    ahhh right now I'm using extra strength visine...I don't put drops in unless my eyes are really bloodshot, I wear contacts & have allergies so my eyes are usually at least a lil pink. i've used cleareyes and store brands, I don't really think anything works better than the other, but yeah switch around so you won't develop a tolerance. my pupils can get really dilated, but usually when I smoke that much it's at night and by the time I get home my mom's asleep so red eyes aren't an issue.
  19. huntcc02

    huntcc02 New Member

    my parents don't look to see if they are dilated, because last time I got cought, my dad said "you are smoking dope, I can tell because your eyes are red." Damn visine didn't work, I had put some in, didn't help.
  20. Man I told you visine sucked. you should've went and gotten yourself a bottle of clear eyes.

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