Best Fast Food.

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  1. soybomb

    soybomb Marijuana Guru

    I used to work at Subway and get all the free food i wanted. I took food home, ate food while I was working, and gave free food to my friends. But I got fired and that place can go to hell, working for $5.50/hour sucks anway.

    What about Sonic?!!?!?! That place can NOT be beat. The best fast food around without a doubt.
  2. MJane

    MJane Senior Member

    WOO-HOO!!!!!!!! Chipotle ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have it here in Long Beach, too, and their chicken burritos are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!! Their lime-salt tortilla chips RULE!!!!! I could devour a whole basket in minutes.
  3. Ross

    Ross Seasoned Activist

    Chipotle is great. Nothing like eating 10 pounds of burrito
  4. MJane

    MJane Senior Member

    ....of course, the BEST Mexican restaurants are the little hole-in-the-wall dives where no one speaks English. There are a TON of those where I live. They are always called Los something or other, and everytime you walk in there's either a soccer game on TV or loud mariachi music coming from the kitchen. There's this one place I frequent for the chili rellenos alone...FRESH chile seeping with cheese and sauce, and HOT HOT salsa on the rice. MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm. It's ***** AWESOME when you're baked. It's funny going there on Sunday mornings, though, because all the Mexican families are stopping in to pick up their menudo for dinner. It's cool, though...authentic Mexican is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  5. MJane

    MJane Senior Member

    OOPS...That should have been spelled menutho. Is it a bad sign when you mix up entrees and boy bands?!
  6. cough-cough-eer

    cough-cough-eer New Member

    chick fil a

    The main influence on buying my house is that it is near all the fast food joints in town, expecially the chick fil a being the closest(walking distance).

    Mornings---usually donuts,sometimes chiken biscuits
    lunch---- toco bueno or arbys
    dinner--- monday wendys
    tuesday chick fil a
    wed. bar b que
    thur. taco bell
    fri. Kfc or crispy chicken inc.
    sat. papa johns pizza
    sun. left over pizza breckfast and lunch, then I go to my parents house for a decent meal.
  7. Conine

    Conine Seasoned Activist

    I live around a fast food row... We usually frequent Wendy's, Jack in the Box, McDonalds, Taco Bell, occasionally Burger King, occasionally Subway.

    My latest kick is to order pizza online though.
  8. Deep_Freeze

    Deep_Freeze New Member

    Im assuming u have to have a credit card, to order on line right?
  9. GiggleSmoke

    GiggleSmoke New Member

    I like wendys the best, wendys is actually healthier then mcdoobies or bk they even use light mayo and don't have the burgers premade sitting there for hours, but for some reason when I'm stoned somewhere late at night and about to go home I always end up at burgerking or timhortons. for all you that don't know, timhorthons is like a canadian doughnut place but they have suppirior coffee and awsome baggels an sandwiches an stuff, you buy a lot and think its gona be like close to 10 bucks but it comes out to less then $5. When at someones house we usually order pizza cuz everyone is usually too chilled out to go out and buy anything. once me and my friend went to go get pizza instead of getting it delivered for everyone at a party. each person gave us 5 - 10 bucks expecting change, we smoked a joint driving there and then smoke another one when we got to the place, we ended up buying over $100 worth of pizza and wings. That was a great munchies session and all gone in less then 15 mins it seemed.
  10. Leithreas

    Leithreas Toilet

    Do you need a credit card to order pizza over the phone?

    remember you pay at the door, not when you order it :D

    Peace :thumbsup:
  11. Ross

    Ross Seasoned Activist

    You need to give your credit card information over the phone when you charge pizza least that's how it works here
  12. techno_trancer

    techno_trancer New Member

    wendys is my favorite, then Mcsh*ts from time to time, other than that if any of you are in bc anytime soon i highly reccemond a place called whitespot, mmmmmmmmmmm
  13. bo-battie

    bo-battie Senior Member

    dude, they have whitespot everywhere, not just in BC, i'm pretty sure...whitespot does kick quite a bit of ass though.
  14. HeRb HaZe420

    HeRb HaZe420 Guest

    i will eat anywhere really. but my favorite place over all has to be wendy's or mcdonalds.
  15. Super Woman

    Super Woman New Member

    I like Arby´s and Taco Bell. I've made it a tradition to sneak out during luch at school the last friday of the month and go to Arby's. I love the curly fries, you gotta get all the sauce, and a beef n' cheedar. Subway is good too, but they closed the one by my warehouse. I can't stand McDonald's. Eww. DOn't eat there.
  16. Dedbr

    Dedbr Domestic War Veteran


    Cinnamin bisquits in the morning and Fried chicken in the afternoon!:p
  17. Bongzilla

    Bongzilla Seasoned Activist

    There are no Jack in the Box's in Canada, so I may be wrong, but aren't they the places where a few people died like 10 years ago from food poisoning?

    I don't eat that stuff anymore, but my favorite was KFC, McDonald's, and Wendy's. I would always get the combo #4 with all of them, which is the chicken sandwhich.

    Man all 3 of them having a combo #4 that is a chicken sandwhich... can't be a coincidence :D
  18. nomadtw

    nomadtw New Member

    i work at wendy's
    PLEASE whatever you do NEVER EVER go in stoned, through drive through or whatever and order 10+ tripple/double cheeseburgers
    never do it sober either

    anyway my fav fast food is something we have around here place called the brighton hot dog shoppe, they are kinda fast, but not quite wendy's/mcd's fast, but not slow
    everythign is pretty much made from scratch
    i get a large fry w/ cheese&chilli, big bowl of fries made from actual potatoes, they get pototes in, not bags of fries
    the place kicks ass
  19. soupman

    soupman Guest

    For me, it's just one option SUBWAY!! My brother and his fiancé are Asst Manager and Manager respectively, and it means i can go in there with about a buck, get 3 foot longs and walk out with change.... and in some cases more money than I went in with. :)

    Also it is great for offloading chronic. I grow my own and I usually have 1 or two plants going all year round. If my brother needs some I go to Subway he makes up a sub and I hand him what looks to everyone like a $10 note. It is a $10 note wrapped around a baggie usually around 1/16 or 1/8 size. He pockets the baggie and puts the cash into the till...... He then withdraws a $5 and some coins totalling $5 and hands me my "change"....

    And we both walk out happy, he gets his smoke, and I get a cure for the munchies :)
  20. ChilleY420

    ChilleY420 New Member

    Lets see, to begin with ive hated taco bell and white castle from the start, but, when im with my friends, they always choose taco bell so im outnumbered. and i was turned on to white castle cause when my teeth hurt from braces they where the only solid (are they solid?) food i could chew. So taco bell gives me cravings, but nothing beats arby's.

    if its my pick where to eat, its not gonna be fastfood, ll either pop in some pizza's or go to Rio bravo or buffalo wild wings, great food for a low low price :p

    BK will whoop all ya'lls asses though, thats good sh*t, and conveniantly close.

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