Best Homemade pipes.

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by WeedNotWar, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. WeedNotWar

    WeedNotWar New Member

    Im trying to make a homemade pipe that will last a while and work well, so what is the best way to make a homemade pipe? out of a pen or what? Thanks guys and posting pictures would be cool so i can see
  2. Raizor *3GS*

    Raizor *3GS* Sr. Member

    Wish I had a pic to show you.

    The most useful and longest lasting homemade pipe I've had, I made out of a zebra metal pen. You just dismantle it, and use the body and the pointed pen cap. Take the pencap and flip it backwards into the body of the pen for a bowl. Carefully apply electrical tape around the part of the bowl that sticks out, but make sure you don't put the tape over the edge of the bowl. You don't want to burn the tape and inhale it.

    After smoking out of it for a while, the resin behind the bowl will just hold it in place and you can just cut the tape back. I like to use a good amount of tape as the pipe likes to get hot, so the electrical tape will save your fingers.

    I kept it in a prescription pill bottle which worked out perfectly because, you can just put ground up bud in the bottle and as you walk with the bottle in your pocket, it'll pack a bowl for you. So you just take it out, toke, ash, and put it back in. Basically it turned out to be a homemade dugout.

    The pipe also held a good bit of bud in the bowl. You can hit the thing 5-6 times, so it makes it a good little chillum for 2 people.

    If you choose the right size bottle, it's hardly noticeable in your pocket as well. I called it my homemade stealth smoker's kit. My parents never had any idea I had it with me 24/7. The bottle size I had you could fit a half ounce of ground up bud in, so you can make it last a couple weeks if you're conserving.

    One more thing. Those pens are just the right size, so you can fit the tip of a black and mild onto the end. When you smoke in public with it, the black tape and the B&M tip make it look like you're just smokin a B&M.

    I've had many homemade pipes, but this fit my everyday needs better than all the rest.
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  3. Australianpothead

    Australianpothead New Member

    Do u have access to a lathe? If so you can make so nice brass pipes.
  4. Connor

    Connor New Member

    got an apple once, cut a hole on the top and a hole in the side so they connected in the middle. put some bud in the top. works a treat, that shit tasted GOOOD!
  5. greenfish13

    greenfish13 Active Member

    stole the words right out of my mouth. Man, just get apples, your doctor will be proud. :D
  6. BlissBoy

    BlissBoy New Member

    HA now your talking about the home made XD raizor
  7. Raizor *3GS*

    Raizor *3GS* Sr. Member

    Yeah. Not big into homemade anymore though lol. I have a real pipe of every kind. Chillum/one hitter, dry pipe/proto pipe, bubbler, glass on glass bong/Black Leaf... And a scale and grinder... I'm pretty set for right now, so I don't have to make any homemades. It'd just be a waste of materials and run just one more risk of an item being found.

    I used to make homemade pipes and bongs all the time. It was all mainly just trial and error, but the one I posted above was my most used homemade piece throughout my entire smoking career... Probably my most used piece ever in my smoking career. I toked out of it everyday for months and months and months... Probably close to a year. I dunno about you, but as far as homemades go, that's pretty long lasting.
  8. greenfish13

    greenfish13 Active Member

    for home mades, like I said I am a huge fan of the apple. it lasts a week minimum and makes for a good baked treat that gets you ravenously stoned off your ass for a few hours afterwards. the high may take 2 to 3 hours to hit, but when it does... you're fucked!
  9. BlissBoy

    BlissBoy New Member

    haha ok
  10. SouthernRebelBoy

    SouthernRebelBoy New Member

    You can get a regular sized water bottle and some foil. First pour it out then throw away the lid. (unless you want to keep it) Then put foil over the top and poke small holes in it. Then cut a breathing hole somewhere in the side of it. Put weed where foil is and light it and breathe through the hole. Enjoy.
  11. SouthernRebelBoy

    SouthernRebelBoy New Member

    Yeah its a bong put its the only thing homemade I can think of.

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