Best of the best stoner snacks. (aka the Stoner Recipe Book)

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by passthedutchie, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. passthedutchie

    passthedutchie New Member

    So, I think it's time for a recipe book. This thread can officially hold the keys to food bliss, so let's see some of your favourites.

    Try to avoid typical, straight packaged-goods like Doritos, Twinkies, and the like. Let's hear some original creations and classic dishes. Tell us how you made it, why it was soooo good, and the key things to consider. Tell us what went well with it (side-dishes, beverages, etc.) and made the experience even better. Maybe even add a picture.

    But this thread could be used as the stoner cook book too!

    Anyways, enjoy! :wave:
  2. GanjaGirl420

    GanjaGirl420 Banned

    Club sandwiches.

    Two slices of you favourite kind of bread, toasted or plain, which ever you prefer.
    BUTTER, not margarine (But I guess it'll do if your out)
    And mixed meat ends, or a specific meat if you like it.

    Whip it all together and WHALAH! I suggest frying the meat before you put the sandwich together. You put the cheese on the warm toast and the warm meat on top of the cheese so it melts a little that way it is a warmer sort of smoother sandwich. lol.
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  3. Lee

    Lee New Member


    i want one of those so badly. sandwiches are by far the best thing to get creative with.

  4. teog

    teog New Member

    baked potatos cheese and bacon

    use the emtpy potato skins with bacon and cheese too and put in oven at 375 for 10mins

    so awsome once u finished ur baked potato u think ur done but then u remeber to use the skins and its simple to make
  5. Neilio

    Neilio New Member

    mmm ramen+ old bay=heaven
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  6. THC Fiend

    THC Fiend Wonko the Sane

    Good ol' nachos.

    Put a half bag or so of nachos on a plate. Spread/pour salsa and shredded cheese on and microwave until the cheese melts.
  7. BruceDoh

    BruceDoh Member

    I think what he means to say, is put the nachos on a TRAY and put them in the OVEN.

    mmmmm... oven...
  8. deathorglory

    deathorglory New Member

    make toasties with bread and put penut butter and banana on it
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  9. fortysforsure

    fortysforsure New Member

    ive said this in another thread but oh well...
    get syrup and two slices of bread. pour syrup on one slice of the bread and make it a sandwich. VOILA! a syrup sandwich :)
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  10. sirtokesalot21

    sirtokesalot21 New Member

    home made potatochips. slice potatoes into thin slices and deep fry em. good. or u can put em on a pan drizzle cooking oil on em with parmagan chess and bake em. i think thats how its done with the pan anyway there better
  11. Fried Spaghetti(sp)

    Boil pasta as per package directions, strain.
    Put a frying pan on low to medium head with a bit of cooking oil in the pan, and fry the pasta untill browned. Add butter when finished, and any other things you like to put on pasta, though I find it best plain with butter, or maybe some locatelli cheese.

    This isnt very origional, but for anyone who lives in the new brunswick area of new jersey, Fat Sandwiches!. For those of you who don't, there are a bunch of different ones, my favorite is the Fat Darral. Mozerella sticks, chicken fingers, and french fries on an italian roll. ah so good.
  12. Colonelcorn

    Colonelcorn New Member

    I love recipes involving taylor ham (canadian bacon to people outside of the northeast i believe). You can do just about anything with it in less than 5 minutes. My favorite is a taylor ham and cheese sandwich..just gotta warm the taylor ham up in a microwave or frying pan for a minute or two, add cheese, and eat.
  13. SurfThis

    SurfThis Subscriber

    Ok, this doesn't sound too good, but I swear, it's heaven on a sandwich.

    You can use any cheese, any bread, and any jam or jelly.

    Make a grilled cheese, but spread some jam on it before you cook it. It's tha shit. The jelly and the melty cheese and the butter all meld together....mmmmm

    I use Swiss, Sourdough, and raspberry jam. I think I'll go have one right now.

    Something else that's really easy and tastes really good is a pasta recipe I made up. It involves a little bit of cooking, but way worth it.

    Start your water boiling for the pasta. I like rigatoni, but you can use what you have.

    Chop a clove of garlic, and sweat it in a pan for a few minutes, over medium-low with 2 tablespoons of butter. The smaller you chop the garlic, the stronger it will be. Try not to burn it.

    Chop a small onion, and add that to the garlic and butter.

    Let that cook for a few minutes.

    Your water should be boiling by now, so add the pasta.

    Add a can of diced tomatoes to the garlic and onions, or use fresh if you have them.

    Add a teaspoon of brown sugar or white sugar to the garlic and onions, brown is best

    Let that saute over medium low heat until your pasta is ready.

    Drain the pasta, put back in the empty pot, add 2 tablespoons of butter to the cooked pasta, and stir around a little to let it melt, then dump the garlic onion tomato mixture over the pasta, stir, top with salt and pepper and parmesan.

  14. Guppy

    Guppy Drugs R Good


    Heres a really good thing me and my friends make everytime we burn at my house its pretty much whole meal

    Get a BIG ASS PLATE you'll need it, now make 1 or 2 grilled cheese sandwiches
    Turn on your oven and butter the TOP of each slice of bread and put cheese in middle, cook then flip then cook untill golden brown EASY

    Now put it(or them) on your plate and now put a bunch of munchies or munchos(reallllly good chip brands, munchies are like party mix, pretzels cheesies doritoes and sunch chips and munchos are really good healthy chips but trust me there more tasty then lays)

    Now for the final part get some leutece and grated or shredded cheese and put them on the plate to and cut up some chicken orr whatever to put on it

    This is the BEST meal ever conceieved its really good try it,im makin one fo sho tommorow when I get baked lol
  15. fortysforsure

    fortysforsure New Member

    heres another one, corn and mayonaise, really good
  16. Juggular

    Juggular New Member

    2 Eggo waffles
    Ice cream of your choice (vanilla for me)
    Chocoalate sauce
    Peanut Butter (optional)

    Put everything between the two (cooked do I need to say it) waffles mm mm good. And for added goodness (but much more messy) soak the waffles in syrup then pour all teh excess off sooooo gooood.
  17. seasoned toker

    seasoned toker New Member

    i know you siad nothing packeged, but i have to say this. you take a little debbie oatmeal cream pie, and you just spread peanut butter on it. but dont skimp out. you have to put like an inch on there. i can easily eat 2 boxes of this.

    awwww. i had another one too, but i cant remember it now. hahaha.
  18. RollingStonedZS

    RollingStonedZS New Member

    A sandwhich made with reg. creamcheese and reg. olives w/ permento in them. I know it doesnt sound that good but trust me, on weed, u cant beat it. Entenmans lil chocolate frosted donughts are also so mouth watering when you have the munchies - I love chocolate when stoned, its the best.
  19. JackBauer

    JackBauer Sr. Member

    I cooked this for my girlfriend the other day, beef satay, a spicy tuna sushi roll and a philly roll, coconut shrimp and creme brulee. It was delicious! She even blazed between courses.
  20. ^bLaze

    ^bLaze New Member

    i melt slices of american cheese in a bowl of salsa (keep mixing) and have it with chips...its amazing
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