Best stash spots for cars

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by dutchmaster, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. dutchmaster

    dutchmaster New Member

    Well I'm gettin my car soon (96 cutlas cierra) and I was wondering whats the best stash spots for a car? The glove department has a lock so i was thinking of in there. Me and my cousin made a rule though, never drive with more than you could eat..
  2. LeThZe

    LeThZe New Member

    Don't keep it anywhere near your license or registration cause that's the first thing cops ask for when they pull you over. So if you have that in your glove box when you open it up to get the registration the cop can see it. Same goes for the center panel if you have one. I haven't seen a cop check it but I've heard it happens.

    Also keep it closer to the center or middle of your car. If a cop doesn't have reason to search they can still have a drug dog that will sniff around the outside of the car. So the further away from the edge the better.

    The most obvious tip is some where out of sight.

    One of the best places my friend had in his car was a third sun blocker he had in his car. It was between the driver and passenger's sunblocker and way too small to do anything but he could put little things up there that a cop wouldn't check or notice.
  3. Kushy

    Kushy down

    I keep my stash under the mat in my trunk. If you pull up a corner of the mat in your trunk, you may have a little space there. That's where I keep EVERYTHING. No cop will ever tear up the mats in your trunk unless they've got a k-9 (which they wouldn't call in unless you were really suspicious)
  4. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    I am something of a broken record on this, but that is a great rule. Keep in mind that choking down a bong or other type of pipe can be difficult while joints chew up easily.

    I keep my registration and insurance info in a manila envelope that is held to the top of my sun visor with a couple of rubber bands. That way I know where it is and don't have to open any glove compartment doors in front of the police if they want to see it. It tends to hurt their feelings when they see the pistol in my glove compartment.
  5. noobsaibot

    noobsaibot New Member

    ^^^haha at the pistol.

    all you gotta do is drop the gas tank, put a little compartment there, put the weed in, reconect the gas tank, and then disconnect it again when you want to get your weed out. simple.

    lol jk, if there is a dog there really isn't a safe spot thats easily accesible, so you might have to go all mcgyver and create a space in your car. i had weed in my glove compartment wrapped up and i could still smell it in the car. i tried my best to get home fast.
  6. BudSmoker92

    BudSmoker92 Sr. Member

    Ive heard of mechanics that will install a hidden lockbox in the floor of your car for a (prob expensive) price. I normally just drive safe when I have stuff in the car. Dont give them a reason to pull you over.
  7. LeThZe

    LeThZe New Member

    A good way to help with smell is to put your weed in a ziploc bag then submerge the bag in bleach and let it dry out. After that place it in an air tight container. My friend has an air tight metal tin. You can't smell anything from it. The only way I could smell anything was when he just had his weed in an open sandwich bag and I was high and had to put my nose right up under the top of the tin.
  8. noobsaibot

    noobsaibot New Member

    ^^^no way im dipping my weed in bleach, even if it is "protected" in a ziploc bag.
  9. Kushy

    Kushy down

    Yea I would never submerge my baggy of pot in bleach. You don't know if any bleach is getting into your bag. I imagine smoking weed with a little bleach residue would not be anything anyone would want to try
  10. AsianStonerMan

    AsianStonerMan New Member

    There's usually a panel in most cars where you can stuff all your illegal items in, idk what it's called but it's in the back of my car and when you open it there's these wires and it's also where the tire iron goes.

    Eating weed and other substances when you get pulled over always always reminds me of the beginning of Super Troopers
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  11. p0th3d

    p0th3d Sr. Member

    Haha.. I think of the exact same thing when I hear of people eating weed in order to avoid arrest haha....funny as hell...
  12. RespyShunt

    RespyShunt New Member

    yeah im getting my liscence soon too and i plan on taking advantage of it because now ill be able to go meet dealers instead of having them come to me.
  13. mjismygf

    mjismygf New Member

    i used to move product and i use a truck and i anything over 2 ozs i use a toolbox on the bed and anything smaller i just put it on seat next to me

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