best synthetic urine and where to get it?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by TAT84, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. TAT84

    TAT84 New Member

    Just wondering what is the best synthetic urine to buy and where can you buy it besides online because of shipping costs? thanks
  2. stoner28

    stoner28 New Member

    Quick fix 4.0 seems to be the one most people use including myself and pass no problem as long as temp is correct. I purchased mine in a local head shop but many states cannot sell it so u need to check. You can call before u go and ask so save driving around from shop to shop.

    A good friend of mine has used one called magnum which also worked and he passed no problem.

    good luck

    oh and by the way it is usually 10$ more at the head shop so i dont think u will be saving shipping, they just factor it in ( i saw it online for 25$ and I paid 35 locally)
  3. grillmeats

    grillmeats No Longer Active

    Great answer
  4. brokenbond

    brokenbond New Member

    Yall know anything about the Whizzinator made by Puck Technologies?
  5. zonecode88

    zonecode88 New Member

    I heard they work great. They make them in various skin-tones to account for different people's skin types. What kind of test are you going to take? If it is pre-employment, you don't need a whizzinator because they are unobserved. If you are testing for a court, then you may want to think about quitting and passing legitimately if you can.

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