Best things to 'cleanse' cannabis out of system?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by JahRed24x, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. JahRed24x

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    So I was just wonder what are some good supplements or anything that will get marijuana out of your system faster?:confused:

    i got a drug test in 9 daysand i guess tonight will be my last bowl, i am not fat and have a fast metabolism. What I do to 'cleanse' it out faster is sit in the sauna, drink lots of water, drink cranberry juice, and i also drink this herbal "Detox" tea that has a bunch of herbs including dandalion extract, indian sasspirilla, ect...

    Any other suggestion?


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  2. Lateralus420

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    Hi JahRed24x,

    If you read the stickies about Dilution ("clensing" as you called it) and/or Substitution on the Urine Testing forum, you will get all the info you need. If you still have more specific questions, there are many "resident experts" that will be more than happy to help you out [Sec's posts (as well as many other members) have helped me alot with my questions].

    I will say that saunas likely won't help you, and if you do plan on diluting (rather that substituting) I recommend skipping that bowl tonight.

    Also, 9 days is very short notice. If a home drug test does not give you a negative result when you practice diluting, substitution would probably be your best bet (if your test is not observed).

    I hope this helps, and I wish you luck on your test
  3. Buzzby

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    There are only two things that remove THC metabolites from your body: time and fat-burning exercise.

    Nine days may or may not be enough time to do a successful dilution, depending on the level of THC metabolites built up in your body.
  4. mcduffee420

    mcduffee420 New Member

    how much have you smoked in the last month? lots or just a 2 couple bowls?
  5. 21andover

    21andover New Member

    I would work out as much as possible. Do not exercise 3 days before your test though. So work out for the next 4 days. That whole sauna thing has been disputed so many times on whether or not it works I have no idea. Work out, stay clean, work out, stay clean, drink lots of water but not over 4 liters a day. You should not smoke that last bowl. I would wait until after that test. Btw here is a post a came upon while searching the net for dilution....

    Quote...............Forget everything written above by the misinformed. Im a Dr of Pharmacy and Im going to put it to you straight. All of the products they sell at GNC, Vitamin Shop, &Health food stores are absolute wastes of your money. If you are a small time user 1-2 times per month and have low body fat you should be clean within 2 weeks. If you are a chronic user it could take up to 6 weeks to detox. The metabolites of THC are lipid soluble, they are stored in fat cells. The individuals metabolism and exercise habits can make a difference in excretion of metabolites. A skinny person who exercises a lot and uses infrequently can test negative 3 days after using. A heavy person who doesnt exercise is in a bit of a bind. All those herbal extracts mentioned are now tested for first, before testing for illegal drugs, and may be considered by some labs to be a positive immediately. Some will forward it on for gas chromography analysis and a mass spectrography assay which will then find the metabolites you have tried to mask.
    Now I can tell you as a user and Pharmacist who conducted an experiments in a lab what does and doesnt work. The herbal masking agents do not work and will cause you more trouble then they are worth and will waste your money as well. You must detox using water. Large amounts of water must be ingested starting at least 36 hours before the test, up to 1 liter per 14.25kg of body weight per 24 hours. You must also supplement with creatine monohydrate, a bodybuilding supplement found in healthfood stores, at a rate of 1 teaspoon per 14.25kg of bodyweight. Just mix it with your liters of water. A prescription diuretic called Furosemide should also be added to ths water/creatine therapy at a dosage of 1 mg per kg of body weight per day administered in 2 doses. AM and Afternoon. When a specimen is examined they look for the diluteness of the sample by checking creatinine ( a byproduct of muscle metabolism) levels. Supplementing with creatine causes a sample taken after heavy water consumption to look as if normal creatinine levels are present. The diuretic which is very strong helps to flush the toxic and excess fluids from your body. Its like getting an oil change of sorts. THC metabolites may be present in your fat cells but you are essentially a faucet when you donate your specimen. The day of your test you should avoid excess physical activity and drink the water and creatine mixture and use the furosemide as stated above. You should also take Super B complex vitamins as well as vitamin C several times on the day of your test. This will provide color to the urine so that it does not appear as dilute. When you donate, urinate for a short time then hit the cup about 1/2 way through urination. This is so anything in the urethra is expelled prior to donation. Cranberry exctract may be added to the detox therapy above if you are concerned about kidney function while using the creatine monohydrate. I have been a regular smoker, 10-15 times per month, in average shpe, and used the above program to pass a screening exactly 7 days of no use. My colleagues have also used this method to test negative in screening. You may want to practice this several times, without the Furosemide. Follow the water and creatine method for 36-48 hours then get a clear glass and urinate in it as directed. Hold it up to the light and you should see the excess creatine monohydrate that has not been absorbed by the body floating in the urine like a suspension. Take your vitamins and repeat this process again. If you get a call from the testing agency inquiring about the creatinie in yoru urine simply tell then that you lift weights and jog and do use performance supplements. Good luck, this process has worked for many health care professionals who like to puff. That is why my colleagues and I set out to decifer a way to "pee clean". Good luck......unquote

    Try that and check out the dilution thread stickied at the top of the thread.
  6. heavysmoker78

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    Please Help!

    I have been smoking marijuana for 10-12 years on a daily basis but I also have been working-out for the last 10 years and that includes going for a 10km run daily and a gym work out for 30 minutes per day.

    I stopped smoking on Sunday and have not smoked since, I have been drinking around 5 liters of water per day, 1.5 liters of cranberry juice and around half a liter of green tea daily. Do you think by Monday I will have cleared the THC levels in my body?

    I am 5.8 and weigh 75kg (165lbs).

    If anyone can let me know what they think that would be great!


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