Best time for an outside grow??

Discussion in 'Growing Topics' started by BuddhaDawg, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. BuddhaDawg

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    I would say it is too late for outside. Usually it is mid-September at the latest for an outside grow, but if you are in a warm enough area of the country maybe it is different. I think early May to mid-September is usually the range. Even the quickest strains will take at least 7-8 weeks. My understanding about outside grows are that they are longer and are much more productive.

    Take a look at your daily weather averages for the allotted time span for your strain from start to finish. I think "guerrilla growing" has a lot of different issues that go along with it. Pests, animals, water, and people to name a few.

    I would grow inside if possible...if not then wait until next Spring. But maybe there is someone here much more experienced than me that has a better suggestion.

    But I would never this is all hypothetical....
  2. ctwalrus

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    first... talk of growing is prohibited on this site...

    i wouldnt go indoors
    and the best time for outdoors is after the last freezing point of winter
  3. Kushy

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    Nope ct, growing is now allowed on the site.
  4. MrIMStoned

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    ^^ Growing topics are allowed now if you are over 18.

    It's too late to grow this season in the northern hemisphere. It's not only the climate you need to worry about, it's the amount of daylight. The winter months might be warm still but there isn't enough light for the vegetative stage of growth. Wait until next spring when you're sure the temp won't drop below freezing at night.
  5. BurningErkno1

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    If you want to start you better hurry before winter comes up.
  6. Dubsack

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    Way to late, Should start after the last frost in your area, or march-aprilish

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