Best type of weed in MA?

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by kronik, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. kronik

    kronik Well-Known Member

    Hey Im just curious as to what the best types of weed are in the Massachusetts area. :cool:
  2. byrned

    byrned New Member

    Mass isn't too bad for selection. I've gotten some White Widow for a decent price, but it's not every day you come across a strain that good. Jack Herer is a very good choice as well.

    FATHERPARIS Sr. Member

    The last 2 things I got were Hawaiian Skunk and a White Widow hybrid strain. I used to just get some good mid grade/KB bud for $45 a 1/4 oz but now I can get better expensive shit from my friend's brother since he started picking up again, and he never gets regs. Also I have seen a few Kush strains, Orange Bud, lots of Dro and headies if you can get it. I have heard of a lot of things in different cities but I live in Revere (about 15 minutes away from Boston) and there is some good shit moving around here if you can find it.
  4. MattyBlunts117

    MattyBlunts117 Sr. Member

    Massachusetts actually has a decent selection of weed. I personally have never ran into schwag, so thats a good thing. You can easily find mids or KB. But, Mass has had their share in some great bud. I have picked up Northern Lights, Dutch Dragon, Hawaiian Haze, Afghan Kush, White Widow, Sour Diesel, Jack Herer, Orange Kush, Purple Haze, Sensi Star,Triple-A Beasters, Dro, and Super Skunk (which was in High Times 2 years ago and Mass is known for their Super Skunk.) Others I know have been around are Jack Frost, Silver Haze, Strawberry Haze, Blueberry Haze, Bubblegum Hydro, Orange Krush, and AK-47 among others. You just gotta know the right people and know where to look.
  5. kronik

    kronik Well-Known Member

    Thanks good info :)
  6. nlancerstar50

    nlancerstar50 New Member

    I'm from mass and come across many different strains, like someone said earlier it is a pretty good place to come upon a variety of strains.. Personally i have smoked: White Widow, Haze (not sure what type but know it was), Sugar Stack, Lots of Indoors Dro, Jack Herrer, and from my step-bro, whos from RI, Super Skunk
  7. ttrb420

    ttrb420 New Member

    I live on the south coast in MA and in the past month Ive smoked Jack Herer, Afgahn, Blueberry, and just missed out on a chance to smoke Sour D the other day.
  8. SmokeOnTheBeach

    SmokeOnTheBeach New Member

    I live in the central mass area and there always seems to be a good selection available. There is always good KB available. Some of the best strains I have had are White Rhino, Granddaddy Purp, some sort of Haze i got from my uncle. He said it was from Cali. Overall theres some pretty good bud if you have good connections.
  9. marijuanatoke

    marijuanatoke New Member

    The best weed strain in the MA area is Chemdog, no doubt about it if you've ever smoked it. Extremely potent, very nice smell, and the high was amazing.
  10. jdogg2112

    jdogg2112 Sr. Member

    I've come across lots of great weed in MA. I don't place much stake in what a dealer calls his weed, but these are some of the strains I've supposedly bought (and they were all excellent):

    -silver haze
    -juicy fruit
    -purple haze
    -afghan kush
    -lots of variants of regular haze
    -granddaddy purp

    There are definitely a lot of growers in MA and the surrounding states that know their shit.

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