Best Vaporizer For Bubble Hash

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by waterboy, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. waterboy

    waterboy New Member

    I have a good supply of bubble hash, but I cannot handle smoking it in a pipe or bong. Feels like I am killing my lungs. I thought that perhaps with a vaporizer the smoke would be less toxic, stuff smokes like a burning tire.

    Anyway is there a vaporizer that can work with hash?
  2. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    Yeah, a lot of them. Is the hash your only motivation, or are you interested in the benefits of vapor long term?
  3. waterboy

    waterboy New Member

    Hi 5, lol, What got me thinking about vapor was the hash. But now that I have been reading posts in this forum I think I will give it a try. I have a friend who has a vaporizer and he said it does not work well with hash. I don't know brands but it looks like a 'hot-box' type.

    Hash is kinda sticky, so will that gum up a vaporizer? Peace
  4. AnotherToker

    AnotherToker New Member

    It works better if you put a little MJ in first then the hash on top of it. Also, running a bit lower temp than usual will allow smooth hits for quite awhile since you arent using up the MJ and bringin on the 'done taste'.
  5. waterboy

    waterboy New Member

    Best Vaporizer For Smoking Hash

    Thanks for the tips but no vaporizer recommendations. Help
  6. O High O

    O High O Sr. Member

    How much are you trying to spend? You want bags, or direct draw?
  7. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    Yeah, you need to narrow the list yourself somewhat. If I asked you 'what car should I buy?' could you give me an answer that didn't just amount to a car or list of cars that you like? Who's to say that any of my favorite cars, or vaporizers, would suit you? Just narrowing the list to direct draw still leaves many vapes ranging in price from $20-25 for a simple glass vape to over $500 for forced air digital. If you'll take the time to read some threads here you'll quickly find the models that people are buying and getting satisfaction from. Once you've narrowed your list to a few models you'll find people here more willing to offer an opinion.
  8. loofles

    loofles New Member

    I personally have an herbalaire and it's wonderful. I'm not sure how well hash would work with it though because the metal piece that you put your weed in has a mesh type covering at the bottom to keep airflow but prevent the weed from going into the vape's internal components. I've smoked hash out of it before and what happens is it melts and consequently gets all in the chamber that heats up. It makes it a little bit dirtier and requires some cleaning but it doesn't actually harm the vape. If I were you I would consider the herbalaire or the v-tower extreme (Home | Arizer) as entry level vaporizers. The herbalaire is about $50 cheaper and from what I've heard the v-tower is a little more refined in terms of ease of use and the display. From experience, the herbalaire comes with a small plastic tube with a cap that you put all the pieces into to clean it, and this is an amazing feature. you just put all your resined up shit in there and fill it with iso-alcohol and you can make iso-hash while cleaning your vape. As for the high end models, the volcano takes the cake, hands down in my opinion. I've used a variety of $500ish models including the supervapezilla and none of them compare to the ease of use and quality of hits with the volcano. For personal use though, I really think the v-tower would be more than enough. My little herbalaire suits me great, cut my consumption from an eighth or so a week to a quarter a month, and i'm a nightly smoker. Be sure to save your revaped weed and you can make hash periodically too!
  9. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    I don't know how many people would consider these two to be 'entry level', at $250-300. They are the two best choices if you want a combo vape-bag and direct draw though.

    You should read the posting guidelines. Your direct links to these commercial sites are frowned upon. I'm sure both companies appreciate the free advertising though.

    I wish people would stop referring to the Extreme as the "the v-tower extreme". It's going to really get confusing when the new digital V-Tower is widely available.
  10. tokinGLX

    tokinGLX Sr. Member

    i prefer a bowl of just hash.
    it just lasts and lasts....if im toking on it by myself one bowl can easily last a full day of constant tokage(between the weednaps, that is).
    i have a separate wand that is double screened for use strictly for hash.
    have it crumbled up the best you can, take a couple hits and break it up some more with the pokey. hit it a grip of times, and now youll have to let it cool off for a minute or two before stirring it or it will just gum up. repeat this process for a few hours or until your bowl is done.
    imo, the best vape for this purpose, by far, is the silver surfer. nothing else can touch it, period.
  11. tokinGLX

    tokinGLX Sr. Member

    a friend stopped by with a nice chunk of some freshly pressed full melt bubble hash(that had come from a recent strawberry cough and bling harvest) so i took a before and after(the first hit) picture

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  12. BudMarLeY

    BudMarLeY New Member

    holy crap dude thats stright trichromes ahahahahaha im almost gagging just looking at it. i bet that hit tasted PREMO!
  13. Fryguy22

    Fryguy22 New Member

    I agree. I had a consistent supply of sour diesel bubble hash and I was vaping it in the surfer constantly. The bowls would last forever and the taste was amazing.

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