best vaporizer grinder?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by hentaixen, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. hentaixen

    hentaixen New Member

    Hey does any one know what the best grinder is?

    I'm looking for one that grinds up the ganj as fine as possible, the finer it is ground the better it vapes.
  2. wahwah

    wahwah New Member

  3. sterbo

    sterbo sailor dog...

    Been down with the Mendo Mulcher for some time- kif catcher is a must. I used to think they all ground about the same but, not.
    If you need extreme grind perhaps someone will have a solution momentarily.
    Maybe a electric coffee grinder - :rolleyes: - though
    bummer if you ask me...
  4. djelimon

    djelimon New Member

    electric cofee grinder - I tap out the kif from it when I'm done
  5. tokinGLX

    tokinGLX Sr. Member

    do you have a whip type vapo?
    if so, i would just say to ditch the grinder idea and pick yourself up a pair of microscissors. can find em at any walgreens for a couple bucks.

    if youre in a hurry, yuo can just stuff a nug in the bowl, take a hit or two, then chop it up in the bowl. repeat a couple times, and then reach in with your scisscors closed, and use it in a mortar and pestle type fashion, pulverizing the herb against the sides of teh bowl. this gets it finer than the grinder ever will. sure you could take a partially vaped bowl, spit it out into the grinder, and it would powder it, but thats just not going to happen.

    my beef with grinders is trichome lossage. too many globules of thc goodness get stuck to or lost in the process of transferring the herb.
  6. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    That's only true to an extent. Fresh, moist weed isn't a problem, but grinding dry weed can turn much of it to powder, and enough powder will restrict air flow and require more stirring to get throughly vaped. In addition, unless you're passing your vapor through water, powder can get sucked through screens.
  7. obscuredreamer

    obscuredreamer New Member

    I've been using the same $10 coffee grinder for years. Works AWESOME for any for of bud consumption. It can lightly bust up the weed or it can powderize it. Your choice.

    A nice bonus is the lid collects bud crystal real easily. ;)
  8. Sofa King

    Sofa King It's Good to be the KING.

    I have a Trublendz 4 piece grinder, and it works great for my Vap.
  9. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    I have a generic 4 piece spacecase imitation. I love it, but its really about the only grinder I've had much experience with. regardless, I won't ever be without a grinder from now on. ANy grinder is better than no grinder. i bought seeral of my friends the basic 2 piece plastic grinders as gifts one day, and although they were about 5 bucks a piece, my friends all love them. i actually had to order another one because one guy didn't like sharing his with his roomate. He got THAT attached to it witrhin a day or two of using it
  10. Old Stoner

    Old Stoner Banned

    I have the Sharpstone grinder as well, and love it.

    And for a good entry level Vape, I'd go with the Vapor Warez Vapor Cannon. Cheap and effective.

    You can find them both on ebay.

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