Best way to clean piece...?

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What do you use to clean your glass?

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  1. Alcohol (or alcohol/salt)

  2. Hot water (with or without soap)

  3. commercial cleaner (Formula 420, etc)

  4. other (please describe)

  1. Furious George

    Furious George New Member

    cleaning bongs

    now i know there are tons of threads aobut this but i havnt found what i needed so here goes,

    my bro has a curved acrylic bong its like a side ways V and it is so F'ing dirty inside that i think it needs a big cleaning. i would scrap it but you cant cause of the shape, i was wondering if putting boiling water in it would get alot of the gunk out but im afraind that that might warp or melt the bong

    any advice is appreciated
  2. Rugbee

    Rugbee Banned

    Go to a head shop and get one of those Regular pipe cleaners, they have a bendable wire with pointy bristles. you can get a 50 pack for around 3 bucks :cool:
  3. Potty

    Potty New Member

    Rubbing alcohol eats rezin like a mofo... omg.... it ate all the resin from my bong real good.. just don't go using it immediatly afterwards.. i don't wanna be the cause of someone exploding heh...

    No really though rubbing alcohol works really good but it smells really bad.... afterwards i'd wash it out with warm soapy good smelling soapy water....

  4. Peety

    Peety New Member

    Yea, when i cleaned my bong i used some 98% alcohol stuff from savon for like 3$ (a pretty big bottle) just used like a forth a cup full. And like as soon as the stuff hit the resin i could see it like melting off the glass. I just swished around for a while then rinsed well (heard u can get way sick if u dont get all the alcohol out) then let dry then used. Hmmm hit nice and smooth now, just the taste of the good bud instead of built up resin.
  5. 9billion

    9billion New Member

    Orange Chronic works well if you feel like wasting money, but all you need is:

    + Sea Salt
    + Rubbing Alcohol

    Pour good amounts of each into bong, hold bong tightly and move it around in circles and up and down, the salts will gently scrape away the resin.

    Cheapest cleaning way ever.
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  6. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    You know what works better than rubbing alcohol? Use Kosher salt, or any big rock type salt, and put that, along with some Everclear in your 100x better than rubbing alcohol. Also, 420 Cleaner works well.
  7. tokeaway

    tokeaway New Member

    i sould suggest rinseing it out very very well because i hard that smokeing rubbing alchol ( inhaling the fumes ) can cause yu to go blind:jawdrop: :burnup:
  8. Super Woman

    Super Woman New Member

    I find that rubbing alcohol works really well but what I do also is use those really long Q-tips to scrape the resin off from inside. I actually once taped some small q-tips to my finger so i could direct them better. It took me the longest time, but when I finish the bong looked (and smelled) like it had never been used.

    Oh, and the sea salt is a great idea. I have a enormous bottle I bought when I got a piercing and thought I would never use it again. It was kind of hard to find, but I eventually went to a really nice grocery store/deli that had some for like 3 bucks that had like 300 teaspoons in it.

    And yes, make sure to wash it out, and that it's completly dry.
  9. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    It would be hard to inhale the fumes, considering the only thing being "burned" is the weed inside the bowl. Anything else would be residue on the glass, and you most likely wouldn't notice it. As for smoking rubbing alcohol, if you light any alcohol-based substance on fire the fumes are going to trace off first before the bud smoke will.
  10. noskillz

    noskillz New Member

    i use bacardi 151. i put some in and shake it, then let it soak in warm water for about 30mins.
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  11. bens132002

    bens132002 New Member

    HELP!!!! acrylic bong cleaning

    I have a acrylic bong and it has resin all over the sides of it. I dont kno if i should boil it clean or what? PLEASE HELP ME...Detailed instructions please
  12. SmokerForPeace

    SmokerForPeace Jr. Activist

    Pour about two cups of isopropyl(rubbing) alcohol into your bong, add 1/2 a tablespoon of salt, and shake. When you're done rinse it out.

    BTW, next time you have a pretty common question like this use the search feature. There's a methods of use forum over at cheaptalk which has many threads you'll find usefull.

    oh yeah, don't forget to cover the holes while you're shaking it :laugh:
  13. bens132002

    bens132002 New Member

    alrite dude thanx..and sorry for not searching i was in a hurry
  14. DaDornta


    Even easier than the alchohol/salt is putting a tablet or two of efferdent (those fizzy tabs you drop in the glass w/dentures). Cleans it really well, no work required.
  15. GreensTHC

    GreensTHC New Member

    what to clean bong with?

    I have a lil bong and i can't see threw the base no more its all resined inside except for where the water stands. I was woundering where I can find a good cleaning solution for bongs. I've tryed rubbing alcohol didn't really take anything off. If anyone could help me out it would be a big help thanks..
  16. portablefriend

    portablefriend New Member

    Try boiling it.

    That should get rid of all the resin, then you can filter all the resin out of the water and dry it, thn smoke it.

  17. asylum1777

    asylum1777 New Member

    just use a kitchen spray hose
  18. SmokerForPeace

    SmokerForPeace Jr. Activist

    Have you tried rubbing alcohol with salt? It works much better if something is in there agitating the resin. If that doesn't work try a stronger solvent like acetone. Let it soak for a day if you need to but keep it well ventilated, and be sure all of the solvent has evaporated before using the bong!
  19. GreensTHC

    GreensTHC New Member

    Yeah i tryed rubbing alcohol with salt, I didn't feel like waiting so i went out to a smoke shop and got a glass work cleaning solution it worked right away thanks for everyones help hehe
  20. meldaar

    meldaar New Member

    Cleaning Bubbler

    Whats a good way to clean your bubbler? Its really hard to reach the scrap in the water chamber...

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