Best way to clean piece...?

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What do you use to clean your glass?

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  1. Alcohol (or alcohol/salt)

  2. Hot water (with or without soap)

  3. commercial cleaner (Formula 420, etc)

  4. other (please describe)

  1. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    "Washing powder" is not a term that's used here. Can you be more specific? Is it the kind of chlorinated, semi-abrasive stuff you use to scrub stains off of sinks? Is it what you use to wash clothes?

    I've tried the detergent I use for hand washing dishes. I've tried the detergent I use for washing floors. I've tried the stuff I use in the dishwasher. I tried the detergent I use for washing clothes. None of them would remove the residue left after cleaning with isopropyl alcohol and salt.

    Acetone wouldn't do it, either. I'm tempted to try hydrochloric acid, which I have for cleaning brickwork, but I prefer not to work with it. I thought of putting the bong in the oven for a high-temp cleaning cycle, but I'm afraid that might just bake the residue in.


  3. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    Buzzby, use Washing powder, in terms of Washing Machine powder. You know, The washing powder you use inside the washing machine? I dont know how much more specific I can be besides start listing details off the box.

    All that is needed is the washing machine powder, any old stuff you can use to wash your clothes.

    Once you do this method buzzby, the residue will come straight off without the need to even scrub it!

    Dont use detergent liquids, they wont work at lifting the stains.
  4. High-Hitman

    High-Hitman New Member

    I always use rubbing alcohol and table salt. Effective and cheap!
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  5. 420Downunder

    420Downunder Sr. Member

    I wish they'd make a sticky entitled how to clean your glass so we don't see the same posts all the time.
    The best ways to clean glass easily and completely in order of effectiveness and quickness;
    1. Grunge Off Super Soaker (completely reusable, just fill up the tube and let it soak until you see no more resin, usually between 5 mins and 12 hours depending on re buildup, then empty it back into a container and rinse the tube with warm water).
    2. Simple Green General Cleaner concentrate (use in it's concentrated form just like GO, works as well just slower)
    3. De-Solv-It (a citrus based cleaner that's also non toxic like GO & SG, not reusable but only requires a couple of squirts to wet a bit of salt then shake clean instantly followed by a wash in dishwashing detergent and final rinse with water).
    4. ISO and Salt (pour in the iso and salt and shake then rinse well)

    Using a washing powder will not get your glass 100% clean, trust me I have a significant collection to keep clean and everything I own is spotless ;)
  6. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    Umm, not to be rude bro, but I posted this method because it got my glass 100 percent brand new clean. I wouldnt post a half working method. So Jacking my thread and posting your effective methods, in which are still quite good might I add, is just silly though.

    Washing powder, hot water, soak 10 minutes, shake.

    If it didnt get my glass 100 percent, I wouldnt have posted it. No oeffence, but coming here and putting my method down as if I am zsome sort of a newbie or lier, jeez man.
  7. 420Downunder

    420Downunder Sr. Member

    Sorry dude, but that's not what you said, you said "You will notice a significant loss of residue after the secons shake, enough to bare a significant effect on the glass." , that doesn't mean 100% clean, post some before and after pics or brand of powder as I'm curious.
    The reason I say it won't get it 100% clean is that built up tar needs either a solvent of some kind or an abrasive or both to remove completely as it's non soluble in water or normal detergents (washing machine powder is still a detergent albiet depending on brand it can include enzymes, oxyclean etc).
  8. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    That is where you messed up in interpriting my post.

    That whole quote was to show the reader that after the second shake (or third, its not a difinitive number) there will be SIGNIFICANT LOSS OF RESIDUE.

    What this means, 420DownUnder, is that without efoort, or a numerous amount of shaking, the residue will lift and leave the glass spotless.

    If you actually read posts, and not skim them, and perhaps try to understand the OP's conveyance of his message, you wouldnt fall into such idiotic symatics to get your point across.

    I use this method, it works very well. Kindly post any methods in regards to the topic mentioned as yuo like, but leave you opinion to yourself. Its not like you were in my laundary watching and evaluating my performence, if you were, you wouldnt even post anything else.


    BTW, i use spinner in my bong hits, my tar buildup is higher than straight marijuana, and my method gave me a brand new glass bong.
  9. KRazY_KuSh

    KRazY_KuSh New Member

    thanx bro but i wouldnt put to much detergent in a high quality water pipe, you may not notice the damage now but i believe that over time it will harm your pipe.

    i wouldnt mind putting a dab of detergent every once and awhile. honestly ISO & SALT/RICE is the cheapest and most effective.
  10. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    After cleaning as much off the glass with isopropyl alcohol and salt, I tried the recommended method using laundry detergent to remove what the alcohol didn't. It did a fairly good job, probably 90%. That last little bit just wouldn't go away. I soaked it in white vinegar because the residue looked like the hard water residue you get in coffee pots. That did the job. The last bit was mineral deposits that would only dissolve in the acid.
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    420Downunder keeps his shit clean and he has mad ridiculous shit thats hard to clean so if he has an opinion I am all ears. Check his other post for the cabinet that has to be one of the nicest if not the nicest in the forums and none of it be nasty. I dont think he was demeaning you le0n just looking a little deeper.
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  12. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    I am glad that it worked for you. Not quite sure why you had to go further than that, you must have a pretty dirty pipe, but in order for me to get mine squeeky clean, i had to shake for a little longer.
  13. Hits From the Bong

    Hits From the Bong New Member

    Cleaning Bong Help

    My glass piece is looking pretty dirty, I was going to use the alcohol and salt method but the rubbing alcohol I have is only 50% concentration. Will that work OK or no ?

    Thanks :cool:
  14. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    It'll work, but I've never seen rubbing alcohol that's less than 70%. 91% is usually available too.


    Just tried 50% yesterday and it did absolutly dick on a not so dirty piece, tried 91% and a world of difference
  16. TheDeadMan

    TheDeadMan Member

    Lighter fluid works good too. Just rinse very well.
  17. BuCk3t-h3aD

    BuCk3t-h3aD Sr. Member

    Hit up your local Family Dollar/Dollar General and get your hands on the green shit. The alcohol with wintergreen, I believe its 90% and it leaves your bong smelling a little minty. I only use that type of alcohol with salt to clean my water pipes(I clean my pieces atleast once every two weeks, less resin and mess, less work to get it clean). And some cold water to rinse and refill of course:hail:

    You could go spend more of your money on some real bong cleaner, but it's pointless.
  18. jdogg2112

    jdogg2112 Sr. Member

    I've used 50% before and it worked fine, I just had to shake for roughly four times as long as I normally do with 91%. If your piece is really dirty, you may need to shake it around in 50% for an absurd amount of time before it really gets clean.
  19. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    Washing powder used to wash clothes.

    Add relative amount to piece, add hot water and allow to sit for 5 minutes.

    Pour out the hot water and add a fresh, nice hot fill of new hot water.

    Shake shake shake

    shake shake shake
    Shake your glass piece

  20. classy_smoke

    classy_smoke New Member

    Or just use Rubbing alchohol and stop being so womanly about your glass. If it looks clean, its clean enough! Your just going to be smoking out of it again soon.

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