Best way to clean piece...?

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What do you use to clean your glass?

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  1. Alcohol (or alcohol/salt)

  2. Hot water (with or without soap)

  3. commercial cleaner (Formula 420, etc)

  4. other (please describe)

  1. lightweightt

    lightweightt New Member

    All the resin is fat soluble, I wash it up in the sink with hot water, detergent, salt and some olive oil. I usually take the base off and shove a sponge in there with my middle finger and it comes right off. I would also recommended rinsing it with hot water and wiping the oil off with a sponge after so it isn't all slimy afterwards (must say though, it's way easier to insert downpipes through grommets). Alcohols are less messy but aren't as effective in my experience.
  2. heliskier

    heliskier New Member


    Get some 420 cleaner. It works in minutes. I got some for a friend who has a bong and we had not cleaned it in about six months. The 420 cleaner cleaned it out in about 5 mins. I would not recommend 420 cleaner for pieces for but though.
  3. seiko

    seiko New Member

    I use rubbing acly to clean my pipe....It works sooooooooo clean
  4. kronic26

    kronic26 New Member

    Cleaning your piece as you put it is very easy just use iso and salt and follow the steps in this cleaning bongs guide I found and it should solve the problem, it states not to use anything other then iso, is it true I don't know but i have been doing it way before i came across that page and it works for me everytime.
  5. stoney_408

    stoney_408 New Member

    a cup of kosher salt and a half cup of rubbing alchohol just shake it around and its easy to figure out dependin on the piece size
  6. ishii.oren.ishii

    ishii.oren.ishii New Member

    What I find out that works best is 99% iso alcohol and kosher salt. When cleaning bongs -- I add a little salt into the chamber then add a little alcohol. Get your boogie on and your piece will be clean after a couple of shakes....
  7. downwithdisease

    downwithdisease New Member

    I find that iso and salt sometimes leaves a film on my bigger piece and it allows it to get dirty again faster, so i buy commercial cleaner for my bubbler. But I do clean all my small bowls and pieces with iso and salt cuz its cheaper.
  8. nugatronica

    nugatronica New Member

    CLR works the best
  9. nugatronica

    nugatronica New Member

    CLR works the best
  10. xZANGEITIx

    xZANGEITIx New Member

    Maybe if you go to your local head shop. And they probally have a cleaning alchohal ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    and there are other threads on hear the say CLR is good too
  11. unclestinky

    unclestinky New Member

    I find using alc. Cases microfractures in glass and polytube pipes. The prob is that alc cools the peice to fast even when room temp. So I just use hot watter with plenty of dawn dish soap. Let sit ant use a bottle brush when applicable. Smaller peices I boil in soap amd watter solution. Also an ultrasonic works great for smaller peices. It uses vibrations conducted through the green soap and cool water. A few min in devise and pipe is clean. Works well on bublers and spoon pipes. Learned that one from a tattoo artist.
  12. nickword1

    nickword1 New Member

    rubbing alcohol and salt always worked the best for me. :)
  13. Dat Dank

    Dat Dank Guest

    I heard Formula 420 Glass Cleaner is really good to use...Does anyone have any experience using this type of cleaner?

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