Best way to clone without a cloner?

Discussion in 'Growing Topics' started by Devildog3389, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. Devildog3389

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    I have a question? I'm looking to learn how to clone without using a cloner. I have read that you can use just a greenhouse, but I'm looking to do this with a low overhead cost. Is there anyone on here that has any advise? Thanks
  2. Brassmusic

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    You can clone with no cost. Take a cutting... Best from a lower branch but longer time to root. (The higher up the plant you take a cutting reduces the success of rooting but also reduces the rooting time)... scrape off the 'bark' of the cutting at the end to be placed in the medium. 'Stick it' in your medium, add light, keep it moist & warm.

  3. Devildog3389

    Devildog3389 New Member

  4. Silverado

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    Apparently, you haven't been to YouTube yet?? Here's one of the better how to clone vids I've seen. "Cut em and forget about em. Roots in 10 days"....


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