Best way to get clean?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by house7, Jul 24, 2010.

  1. house7

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    to anyone who knows how to get clean asap. im about 5'11" 155. i play soccer 2 times a week and workout often. i smoked about an average 8th a day sometimes more sometimes less. ive been clean for a week and a day and need to pass a piss test in a span of 1-2 weeks...whats the best way?
  2. house7

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    Q Carbo question

    i just got the qcarbo drink and people have been telling me it doesnt work. when is the best time to drink it and how long prior to my test should i stop smoking? thanks
  3. smokeexpress420

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    if you have 2 weeks, i recommend quite a few things:
    they are obvious, but will reassure you.

    i smoked occasionaly, and sometimes a lot, over the course of about a solid year, not as much as you but still.
    im 170 lbs., 5'11, and worked out once a week, plus wasn't in football at the time.

    you on the other hand considering your weight and height probably have a higher BMR (basic metabolic rate)

    myne is about 4300, but theres no number i can put on yours.
    anyways, you play soccer twice a week, thats good.
    but make sure you start running everyday.. a lot.
    if you have acces to a sauna, that works too.
    even a hottub,

    you want to get your daily dose of vitamins, everyday, so get like centrum or some knock off with all the vitamins, your family prolly has some.
    anyways, on top of this, drink lots of water, lots and lots everyday.

    a lot of green vegetables, salads, and bannanas.
    and if you can, drink lots of cranberry juice.

    THC is stored in your fat cells,
    so if you eliminate as much of that as you can in the right ways, on top of giving your body time to let it naturally be eliminated, you should be okay within about 1.5 to 2 weeks.
    but since you were a heavy smoker, prolly about 2 weeks.

    there is a lot more you can look up, and even schedules or count downs to your drug test.

    sweat, drink water, eat right, stay fit, and stay positive,
    thats the best advice your gunna get pal.

    if all else fails, get some fake pee however you can, smoke shops, etc. worth a shot.
    if you need info on that just message me, i can give you a sure fire way to pass that way.
  4. lew scannon

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    All detox drinks are a scam to seperate the fearful and gullible from their cash. You can spend upwards to $200 on a magic potion, and accomplish nothing different than whats accomplished using just vitamins and water.

    Dump the magic potion and follow the guidelines outlined in this thread:

    Drinking water is only helpful on the day of the U/A. Drinking lots of water days or weeks before the U/A is of no help. Read the opening post of this thread to find out why:

    Sweating is hardly of any help because very little THC is excreted via sweat. The rest is being excreted via the urine and bowels.

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