best way to make a homemade bong airtight?

Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by NCisBlaZed, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. NCisBlaZed

    NCisBlaZed New Member

    Title says it all, whats the best way to make a homemade bong airtight?
  2. steveisaninja10

    steveisaninja10 New Member

    electic tape is decent but if you can weld or melt anything together itll prob be better
  3. JRMsLilHempHead

    JRMsLilHempHead New Member

    caulk works great...
  4. DirtyBlaze

    DirtyBlaze New Member

    I've been using high-temp hot glue. As long as you aren't ripping it at about 2 rips per min (RPM ;) ), it should have enough time to cool down and keep solid and prevent you from inhaling any glue vapors.

    I've got a homemade bong that I made when I first started. It's a 20oz Mountain Dew bottle that I broke a hole in it just below the half way point, and stuck a hollow pen through. Hot glued it to the bottle, then glued a bolt to the end as a piece to screw my bowl into. Once it dried enough to hold its' own, I let it sit for about 48 hours in a cool, dark, place (my closet lol), and have only had a problem with it once.

    That particular problem, I had a group of 5 (including me) all ripping from it one after another (was a quick bowl before we drove to the movies). The bolt ended up melting off. Mind you, my bowl can usually get a good 10-12 hits from the bong, and we managed to cash it in about 5 minutes.. Between me and my usual smoking buddy, never had a problem after 6 months of use.

    Sorry for rambling :p.
  5. Jodawg27

    Jodawg27 New Member

    I actually use hot glue on all of my home-made pieces as well. Make sure you use enough to be sure it has an airtight seal it it holds so well. It can melt though, so don't let your piece get to hot, or don't use hot glue where your piece will raise in temperature. Also, it's easy to remove if you wish to take your piece apart. The glue is very pliable and can easy be removed with fingers.
  6. DirtyBlaze

    DirtyBlaze New Member

    One thing I like to do to test for it being airtight is to cover the carb and the stem hole with my finger(s) and suck. If you can keep sucking for a while, you still have some air leaks. If the piece feels like it's beginning to suck into itself, or you simply cannot pull anymore, then it's airtight. Seems to be the simplest method for me.

    *edit*: Just tried it on my piece, it seems that blowing into it from the mouthpiece, while covering the carb/stem, seems to be easier to check for leaks. I like to do double layer on the glue either way, first layer, let it cure for 24 hours, apply a second layer, let it cure again for 24-48 hours and you're golden!
  7. StonedCoder

    StonedCoder Sr. Member

    It helps if your stem hole is as close to stem size as possible. Easy to do if you just spin a knife to make the hole and keep checking if the hole's big enough. Then I use hot glue to seal it up. If you're careful, cause hot glue sticks good to flesh until it cools, you can just heat up the glue on a knife with a lighter instead of carrying a hot glue gun around.
  8. Prodigy4/20/89

    Prodigy4/20/89 New Member

    Industrial strength water proof sealant.

    I have no idea where it came from. i found it in my garage one day, but it works great.
  9. Ringedredbullet

    Ringedredbullet New Member

    u guys need to go to your local smoke shop the bongs they have there are really worth the money and the high
  10. DirtyBlaze

    DirtyBlaze New Member

    Yea, but not everybody is 18 or has a ton of money to spend ;). I've gone to the smoke shop a few times, first time I grabbed me a metal pipe (great for mobility), second time I grabbed me a glass pipe. Looked clear/whitish at the shop, got home and it was pink. Good news is that after some use, it turns a deep orange :D.

    I've gone to a few others, but just haven't found a bong that has caught my eye yet. So, until I find a nice glass bong, I'm perfectly happy with making homemade pieces, that can often be very unique. For instance, I'm currently building a nice large bong (roughly 140oz total) that will hopefully filter the smoke 2-3 times if built correctly. Something to be proud of :)
  11. JaneIsCool

    JaneIsCool New Member

    I never have the money or materials around the house to make a homemade one. The only thing I've smoked homemade was from an apple.
  12. Jodawg27

    Jodawg27 New Member

    Yeah, I don't feel like spending 60$ for a decent bong. I've bought a 20$ bong in the past but it just broke, and I'm perfectly content with my new 2-filter homemade piece
  13. appletree13

    appletree13 New Member

    me too i love my double perculated bong
  14. Phylter

    Phylter New Member

    I melt-fit most of my parts, it tends to work for me. For parts that that isn't feasible on, I'll use teflon tape to get a proper seal, and secure with duct tape. I use glass bowls in all of my stuff, for the heat-resistant properties and quality of smoke. Call it cheating, but whatever. It means I don't worry about parts being heat-sensitive, and I like that. Simplifies things.
  15. Orange Bud

    Orange Bud Banned

    Silly putty
  16. Electriclady23

    Electriclady23 New Member

    I like my little water bottle bong, with a fresh water bottle every time :) To make it airtight I just chew up a piece of gum and smush it around the hole. good for those of us who can't find our way around a hardware store and/or don't have the patience.
  17. KingAnderson

    KingAnderson New Member

    You want the quickest, cheapest method and probaly better and less fiddly,

    1. Get a candle (birthday cake candles are usually the best)
    2. Light it!
    3. Start to melt the wax under the flame
    4. Let the wax drop around the places that need to be sealed
    5. Check if it's airtight from posts above
    6. If not keep repeating step 4 till happy

    best part is if you ness it up run it under cold water and pick it off, always worked for me and my mates

    Peace out baz!
  18. bongjedi420

    bongjedi420 New Member

    fill your mouth with smoke from a bowl or cig then cover female stem piece and/or carb
    then blow in any leaks will now be visible
    i like to use hotglue or electricle tape im outta hot glue
    im anal about my air seal i like to be able toproduce a vaccum in a bong when everything is plugged up
  19. BlairJohnson

    BlairJohnson New Member

    I just made a really cool double chamber bubbler all afternoon. the absolute best way to make it airtight is to take a candle and drip wax all around the piece you need to seal. then wrap it in electrical tape, it lasts so much longer than just electric tape
  20. 20ith

    20ith New Member

    Electrical tape is most deffinetly your best choice if cost is an issue.
    For about two bucks you can get a whole roll of it. Just wrap it around wherever you want to cover, make sure its tight.

    The GEL kind of super glue can work great as long as its never heated up.. So dont use this near a bowl.

    Puddy can work great also.

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