Best Ways of smoking bud, without papers, pipes, and bongs.

Discussion in 'Hand Pipes' started by FishBowl420, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. FishBowl420

    FishBowl420 New Member

    Anyone know some really efficient ways of smoking bud without papers, pipes or bongs? Maybe some homemade paraphanelia?
  2. ^bLaze

    ^bLaze New Member

    get a gatorade bottle and stick a pen in it then make a bowl piece outa foil....or take a can, indent it in the middle then poke some holes in the indent and put ur nugs on the holes
  3. SmokinSD79

    SmokinSD79 New Member

    Yeah I was going to say a can also. Red bull cans work great, cuz they are smaller and easier to conceal if need be. You can also put water in the can and use it like a bong if you like it that way. Also try a pen that you can take apart and use the casing. Put foil for the bowl and tape it on. If you are in a real bind, you can take tin foil and roll it up into a pipe shape and use that too. Good luck!:D
  4. b1s8e3

    b1s8e3 Subscriber

    I personally find apples to be the easiest pipe to make.
  5. Plainsman1963

    Plainsman1963 New Member

    Here are a few threads to read through, as well as an entire homemade forum over at The Lounge. ;)
  6. CaptainFrank

    CaptainFrank New Member

    I like to simply wrap a piece of tinfoil around a pen, then bend one end and fashion a makeshift bowl out of it. Keep the point where the stem and bowl portions meet narrow enough to stop ash from flowing through and ride the silver bullet.
  7. SmokinSD79

    SmokinSD79 New Member

    I've done that!!! Lol. Ghetto, but works LOL! Someone mentioned an apple pipe, I've heard of this, but never tried it. I'm not sure how to make one actually, anybody let me know? Thanks! I can't remember if I mentioned in my previous post, but if you put water in the can that you're using for a pipe, you get some of the benefits of a bong hit. Less choking, cleaner hits and cools off the smoke. Much peace and irie dreams!:cool:
  8. 1tokeovertheline

    1tokeovertheline New Member

    Go to the link plainsman gave in this thread and find lots of ways to smoke.
  9. Garrell

    Garrell New Member

    Smoking out of tin foil or a soda can will give you alzheimer's.

    I think the best way to get high when you dont have anything is a Gravity bong.
  10. KWhite

    KWhite Guest


    A bonfire?:D
  11. Redhairs

    Redhairs New Member

    2 litre bottle in a bucket...think you guys call it...gravity bong....We call havin a bucket.:D
  12. Zubi420

    Zubi420 Guest

    I would say that if you don't know what you're doing, those things could be dangerous or not vvery good. Real bongs are best. ITs not that expensive anyway. But if your a kid, just stick to joints.
  13. Garrell

    Garrell New Member

    I guess they could be dangerous if you have asthma or something. One time my friend took one and she puked...

    Another good way is to take a cigarette, and empty out all the tobacco without breaking it. Do not take off the filter yet. Then grind up some bud or trim and put it back in. Twist the end and break off the filter, and ya got a joint.
  14. THC Fiend

    THC Fiend Wonko the Sane

    I posted this on another part of the site. Check it.

  15. Remi

    Remi New Member

    I prefer...

    I prefer to smoke it using other people's bodies. That is, I let them smoke it. Unfortunately, I don't like to be high.
  16. 14yroldpothead

    14yroldpothead New Member


    haven't you guys ever got an iced tea bottle and burned a hole big enough for a pen cap, stuck a thin layer of tinfoil on the inside of the cap and smoked out of the opening of the bottle? me and my boys do it ALL the time (including today bout 2 hours ago)lol:)
  17. rickforpresident

    rickforpresident New Member

    just buy some papers their not expensive you can scrap up 106 and buy a pack of tops don't smoke out of pop cans i recently found that their is a lacquer on the inside of them or if you can find the money just use a foily
  18. CallMeRalphayyy

    CallMeRalphayyy New Member

    Either use a big monster can with the cap on it and put some holes in the end. It makes it almost like a steam roller.

    or fill a small house trashcan with water and get a soda bottle, make a waterfall.
  19. Tops

    Tops New Member

    Go to the dollar store, Get a 3 liter and cut the bottom off and than get a pitcher to fit it, so u can take it places, make a small hole in the top of the cap in the middle, and buy a cheap glass bowl from a corner store, and stickkk it in there(if u dont like foil or socket renches) and wha-la! u made a bonified gravity, and you will be high as tits!
  20. FunkySkunky

    FunkySkunky Gentille, allouette

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