Bible paper joint?

Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by Rockso, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. Rockso

    Rockso New Member

    Is it possible to use bible paper as smoking paper? and it is healthy? I'd like to try rolling a joint but idk if that would be smart. Oh and how much weed do u generally use in a joint?
  2. madmodder123

    madmodder123 New Member

    yes you can, its not meant to be smoked so no its not healthy

    just use a pipe or bong or anything else

    dont want the thread to go into another religious debate lol
  3. lookhappy

    lookhappy New Member

    I too used to use bible paper and what-not for joints, until one day, I "mustered up enough courage" to ask one of the bigger stoners in my school for a pack of papers. Because they are only like 2 bucks anyways, she gave them to me for free. The difference is night and day in regards to the taste, burn, and overall joint. And you would be surprised as to how long one pack lasts you.

    And as for how much weed is in a joint. That depends on the paper size, the bud, and how fat of a joint you want. Typically, I put around .2-.5 grams in mine, but thats just me.

    Hope that helps.
  4. DLiver420

    DLiver420 New Member

    Yes, it works really well. So does phone book paper (use the white pages). So do ZigZags, do yourself a favor and spend the $2.19.

    Typical joints are anywhere from .3g (pinner) to 1g (fattie) to 1.5oz (Mostly Maui Wowie, but it's got a little Labrador in it)
  5. Rockso

    Rockso New Member

    yeah thing is i'm only 15 and unable to drive. So like i really wouldn't know who to ask. but i guess i'll just wait till i'm good friends with someone who's 18.
  6. madmodder123

    madmodder123 New Member

    exactly what i was thinking :bandit: :afro:
  7. lookhappy

    lookhappy New Member

    Im 15 as well (16 in two weeks :D) and i somehow find a way to get papers whenever i need them. Honestly, if you find any big pothead at your school, or any pothead at that, I'm sure they will have papers or know someone who does. When I look back on rolling with other kinds of papers, I see it as wasted bud...
  8. Isirap

    Isirap New Member

    wtf i dont no where u kids live but in canada u can just go to a conveience store and buy some papers no matter what age
  9. Sykes

    Sykes New Member

    seriously don't smoke paper with ink, from bibles and whitepages. Just buy papers. I mean I am 15 lol and I just went to a tobacconist yesterday and bought a pack of Rizlas for 1$. gg
  10. They work okay. Make sure you tear the side that you intend to lick. The rough edge has fibers that stick out and when they dry, they stick well.

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