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  1. heavy_metal_smoker

    heavy_metal_smoker New Member

    My dealer is getting in a strain of weed called Bigfoot and I've never heard of it before.

    If anybody could help me by telling me if it's good quality weed and a description of the high, that would be very much appreciated.

    $75 for 1/8 of Bigfoot = good deal? or bad deal?

  2. Bong Rip

    Bong Rip New Member

    Idk man. Dealers alot of the time just name their shit to try and get more money for it. How much does your dealer normally charge for an 1/8th?
  3. Irosmokesdank

    Irosmokesdank New Member

    never heard of it dude but idk new kinds of weed fly out of no where some times but look at it before you buy and make sure its worth your money
  4. RespyShunt

    RespyShunt New Member

    yeah 75 an eigth is the price of really expensive shit around my way. If it looks dank then its a good deal, but if its mids or just KB dont buy it.
  5. BudItUp

    BudItUp New Member

    My dealer has a friend that has Bigfoot. It's some good shit! Dude says its really potent. It's deffinately worth it for Bigfoot!

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