Bill O'Reilly and Marijuana

Discussion in 'Videos' started by king cola, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. king cola

    king cola Sr. Member


    Ricardo Cortes interviewed about his childrens marijuana book. Watch Bill O' Reilly interrupt him at times from talking. It seems like he prevents him from trying to explain his point to the viewers.
  2. HerbOfLife

    HerbOfLife New Member

    He was high during the interview.
  3. Darque Pervert

    Darque Pervert Jive Honkey

    That's what O'Reilly does. He doesn't let his guests make pertinent points that would make him look like the dumb-ass that he is.
    I'm a reasonably conservative guy. I'm supposed to be his target demographic, I think. But I find him annoying as fuck.
    It's one thing to have a talk show to debate issues and such.
    It's another to have a one-sides program and interrupt your guests only to insult them.
  4. Swabeky

    Swabeky Sr. Member

    his target audience is more evangelical conservatives. only the truly rabid conservatives seem to eat him up from my experience.
  5. king cola

    king cola Sr. Member

    What I think is funny about it is that when my friend was a little kid, we're talking maybe 5 years old, he helped his father harvest marijuana plants. He would help trim the buds. Even at that age his dad explained to him that if he told anyone it would ruin their family. All of us know that when a cop busts people for growing pot, the parents go to jail and the kids get taken away. He understood that at his age when he was told. To this day I don't think hes ever smoked pot, drank but never smoked. He was kind of raised in a tough way, but still never used any other drugs besides alcohol. He still never used pot as a kid.

    I was raised around pot when I was little, my dad never took a bag out in front of me when my mom was home. At 4 years old I saw pot from time to time. I actually didn't know it was illegal, didn't know much about it. I never even really asked any questions, I wasn't curious about it. I thought it was a normal thing. All he told me is not to tell anyone about it and never did. As I got a little older he explained it to us when I remembered him bein arrested for something a few years earlier but didn't know what it was for. I knew it was for pot, but I didn't know what pot was even though I saw it lol. I learned it was that green stuff I used to get a nice whiff of once in awhile when the bag would open. At the time he just told me it was dirt or grass or somethin when I asked. I still didn't use pot until I was 16. Here it is that's 2 stories, one of me being raised around it when I was younger, my friend helping his father harvest pot when he was younger, and neither of us as kids used marijuana. My mom never used it, only when she was in maybe high school occassionally, and my dad never smoked it in the house with us around and tried to keep it from my mom even though I think she knew. I think she pretended she didn't know as long as she didn't see it.

    People on here say that you cannot get a contact high from 2nd hand smoke. Why isn't it child abuse when people smoke tobacco in front of their kids? They are getting 2nd hand smoke into their lungs. At home or at family gatherings people drink alcohol in front of their kids.

    Bill O'Reilly doesn't want a sympathetic look at pot. Kids parents are going to jail for it or the kids are bein taken away, or both and families get broken up.
  6. SpliffMan420

    SpliffMan420 New Member

    I think this is stupid hes saying its just a plant and not the scorge of mankind and he just keeps changing the subject and denying the facts.
  7. guntroll

    guntroll New Member

    Are you calling Mr. O'Reilly a liar? Gasp! Shock! Just because he took a quote from the book and knowingly put it out of context just to prove a point doesn't mean he did just that. He may be a complete ass and bigot but it's not like he stops people from saying their points and when they continue he never tells the crew to cut the mike.
  8. thaaster

    thaaster New Member

    Yeah, Bill O'Reilly lacks journalistic integrity. Surprising.

    I definitely think that the book could have value, although I don't know what exactly it says in its entirety. One thing is for sure, no one on this board wants - or should want - kids to be smoking, or even engaging in anything that could harm their development.
  9. footsiebabe

    footsiebabe New Member

    bill oreily

    bill is not a dumb ass you are

    [MOD NOTE: I don't know where this was directed, and it doesn't matter. It's still flaming.]
  10. footsiebabe

    footsiebabe New Member

    bill o reilly

    you stupid
  11. guntroll

    guntroll New Member

    Yes, Person X (I'm guessing Cola King, but I don't know) is stupid. I see all of your evidence and it is irrefuttable and I can't deny it. Bill O'Reilly is great.
  12. king cola

    king cola Sr. Member

    I like how you automatically assume footsiebabes comment was directed at me considering the fact that someone else in this thread didn't really have anything good to say about Bill O'Reilly either calling him a dumb ass. Explain yourself instead of just giving a few words calling people stupid. Atleast I could take the time to write what I think and explain it.

    You see my evidence as irrefuttable, explain it then! I wouldn't even call what I had to say evidence, just my opinion on the matter.
  13. guntroll

    guntroll New Member

    I was being sarcastic, first of all. Second, I assumed it was aimed at you because you started the thread.
  14. king cola

    king cola Sr. Member

    When I read it I couldn't tell that it was sarcasm. I started the thread, but all I said is that it seems like he prevented Ricardo from completely explaining his view. Even in my other post I didn't really say much about O'Reilly.

    I think people might see that as an intelligant arguement when it comes to the discussion of marijuana, a drug that has never killed anyone or caused people to become violent and people still continue to go to jail for it.
  15. ta1588

    ta1588 Bluntologist

    bill o'reily is an asshole
  16. t-1000

    t-1000 Sr. Member

    he thinks intoxication for anyone is bad...

    wow, he know's what's best for us huh? we should just let oreilly make every drug illegal.

    Except the pharmaceuticals of course. dipshit
  17. specialK369

    specialK369 New Member

    Ya, what about O'Riellys oxycontin shit

    Oh, thats right, fuck you bill.

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