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    So, I have stumbled across an article about binaural beats. They work by entraining your mind. According to research in the field of neuroscience, our minds and be entrained by patterns in the environment. The pattern that sounds entrain our mind are called binaural beats. These beats can easily be made for free on your computer using software from here. The beats produce sound waves at slightly different frequencies between the left and right headphone or speaker, and your mind becomes entrained in the difference between the frequencies. I have tried it myself on several settings, the effect they take is much more noticeable when high. They are sometimes marketed as "Audio Drugs" and stuff like that, and they do alter your consciousness. Not all the settings dramatically effect you, but they will all have a different and noticeable effect. I recommend deep meditation setting, attention focusing (this one sounds displeasing though), the mental refreshers, creativity boosts, and of course "The Awakened mind."

    If you want to learn more about Binaural beats check out;

    Here and here
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    Thats pretty trippy shit Oh my! Im not 4sure I want expanded states of consciousness, kinda creepy. Idk alot of it is cool but when you start messing w/my brainwaves I get a little freaked out. I think you should possabily beware~Altered states are fucked up!
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    Don't worry, they are just sound waves.

    We experience binaural beats all the time, it is the precision and measurement of them that we are able to control them and make them useful for us.

    The environment is entirely what shapes our consciousness.

    Our entire existence is us reacting to the environment.

    Science has found ways to control the parts of the environment that influence us in profound ways, I suggest we all take advantage of our understanding above the environment.

    These sounds aren't going to cause any sort of permanent changes in brainwave, it entrains your mind just as the environment does, except it entrains it in a way that we can control it.

    This is important to be able to control the thoughts in your mind.

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