Blinking - what the hell?

Discussion in 'Movies & Television' started by newcarcaviar, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. newcarcaviar

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    Maybe it's been a long night. Hell, it must have been. I'm making a thread about blinking for crying out loud. It could be my imagination, but there's something going on on TV involving blinking. I mean the lack of it.

    I was watching something a few weeks ago and and infomercial came on for something called the Resistance Chair. I was watching this and happened to be pretty high at the time and partway through I realized, "Holy hell. None of these people are blinking." I swear, in this 2 minute infomercial there was one person who blinked. She was on screen for maybe 10 seconds tops. Every other person had a big smile on their face and NEVER BLINKED. It weirded me out. I was going to make a thread on it, but couldn't find a video of the commercial online so everyone would have something to go by so I figured it wasn't worth it. Ignore the fact that this is pretty much that thread. :rolleyes:

    Since then I've kind of been paying attention to peoples' body language in commercials. Are they blinking? What are they doing with their hands? Why are they doing such and such? It seems to me that (and I'm not exactly going by extensive analysis here, haha) but the people who talk directly to you in commercials seem to blink a lot less than people who are supposed to be in a "caught in the moment shot" Meaning they're not there to inform you of anything, they're just there as decoration, eye candy, etc. I'm not sure if blinking is some sort of marketing trick. Seriously. I was a drama student. I know about these "focus" tricks. Do advertisers think that if someone blinks too much it will be distracting and viewers won't focus on what the commercial is selling? Are actors told not to blink?

    I came across this tonight as well. Why won't this man blink? - Page 2 -

    What's with the non-blinking? God damn, it's 4am, I need to take an extended blink, know what I mean? I feel like [ame=""]Crazy Rainbow Lady[/ame]. Crazy Blinking Dude.
  2. Freedom_User

    Freedom_User ....Is really high

    Oh my fuckingz god blinking eyes!
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  3. newcarcaviar

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    I can't believe someone actually responded to this thread, haha. I read it back today after a good sleep and just said, "This is some of the dumbest shit...." :laugh:
  4. Bushbr

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    wat a stupid lady!
    does she have no idea how rainbows are made?!?!?

    "This isn't natural" WTF?!?!? oh my GAWD this lady should be shot!!

    "What is oozing out of our grounds?" somebody shoot that lady so she can not reproduce!
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  5. newcarcaviar

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    You just want to scream at her through the screen. "Yes it is! It's completely natural!"
  6. Arubian_Seed

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    Maybe some guards at a asylum gave the crazy lady :trippy: a camera so they can have a little laugh. :rofl2:
  7. toothfairy420

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    Looks like we as a nation should look at our education system, and wonder why there are people out there that do not get simple concepts like how rainbows are

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