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    ADIDAS Represent. KY

    I woke up this morning, and all of the sudden felt like I had a bad stomach ache while I was in the shower. After about 15 minutes of this, I realized it was actually in my balls. I slept with a chick last night, but didnt want to fuck her for certain reasons, and I guess I had a boner for like 90% of the night hahaha. So are these aches coming from that? I rubbed one out this morning just cause thats what I read, but I dont know if it is gonna help. I guess the pain has subsidized a bit, but its still there. It hurts to touch them even. Anybody else have this happen to you?
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  2. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    I actually heard a guy tell me about this 15 years ago, or so. I didn't ask him what he did to make it better, though. :eek: This probably isn't a girl's topic anyway, so....:sulkoff:

    ADIDAS Represent. KY

    Hahahahahahahahahah thanks anyway Vicki!

    ADIDAS Represent. KY

    Just a lil update, the pain is almost gone. This is the first time this has happened to me, fucking sucks.
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  5. king cola

    king cola Sr. Member

    I was listening to the Covino and Rich show on Maxim a couple days ago and they were talking about a powder specifically for your balls, it's almost like a icy hot type of feeling. They didn't talk about having pain, I think one of them said he uses it for the scent and the sensation it gives, supposed to give a tingly feeling. They got their producer to try it out and he came on the air a little while later yelling about how it burns lol. It wasn't a icey hot substance, but it was a powder that you put on your balls. It's supposed to give a cooling sensation. It's called Gold Bond Medicated Powder. I think they said if your going to bang a girl that day or that night or have oral sex don't use the powder. Theres a green, yellow, and blue bottle but they say to go with the Green, yellow is too weak and the blue is too strong so green is the medium strength. I just looked it up, you can do a search and you will find it.
  6. The POPO man

    The POPO man New Member

    Bro gold bond is just like menthol for your balls' :p. Yep theres not much you can do to cure the dreaded blue balls....just rub one out and wait...and get high of course :angel:
  7. chadwick

    chadwick Sr. Member

    i hate blueballs, sounds like thats it though, go wack it and smoke a blunt while your waiting for it to go away, you should be numb to most of the pain by the end of the blunt
  8. Alive-And-Dreaming

    Alive-And-Dreaming Sr. Member

    Gold Bond and wanking are the only things that help blueballs.

    ADIDAS Represent. KY

    Update #2, that pain has subsidized completely!!!! What a relief, just took a good ol fashion medicinal wank. Ill never take getting off for granted again! hahahahaha thanks all.
  10. wishmaster

    wishmaster New Member

    ahahaah thats awsome..not a girsl topic lol
  11. Feorge Gorman

    Feorge Gorman New Member


    This thread reminded me of that scene from Trainspotting. The dialogue between Tommy & Spud at the nightclub...

    Tommy - "Six weeks & NO sex?!"
    Spud (laughing) - "Yeah, I got balls the size of watermelons man!"

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  12. Noelle

    Noelle New Member

    well. the time a guy told me he got blue balls.. I thought it literally meant that his balls turned blue. I think you just have to wait it out.. and you might as well stroke one out just in case?
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  13. _Jay

    _Jay Sr. Member

    Blue Balls sucks, got it frequent with girls back in middle school. Not fun, a mix of being kicked in the balls and wanting to puke at the same time.

    Bleh. :shakehead
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  14. laCster

    laCster Sr. Member

    ah man that sucks, my friend supposedly gets it too and he says it hurts like a bitch
    try to relax i guess? or maybe take a warm bath?
  15. Killerchron

    Killerchron Get ya shine on

    You my friend, had a case of the blue balls. I've only had it once after hours of fooling around and not finishing. You did the right "treatment" in rubbing one out. Next time make sure that you finished what you started to prevent this again.

    BTW, Gold Bond has been around for ages. I always use it before I go to work or do any physical activity. Its prevents the dreaded "chafe", in which your thighs rub together making it difficult and painful to walk. People who work in a restaurant know exactly what I'm talking about. I don't think it burns, but is actually kinda soothing IMO.
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  16. blondie0420

    blondie0420 Locks of Gold

    Sorry to hear about your blue balls...can't say I have any idea what it might feel like. But good on you for not sleeping with that girl just because you could have.
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