Blunts bad for you?

Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by Aeson, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. Aeson

    Aeson New Member

    Well, Im new to the forums PLEASE point out if there is a thread or another place for this thanks.

    I've been smoking for about 1 1/4 years and when I was a newbie I used to smoke out of bad things like foil home made pipes and stuff but now for like 5months i've been smoking like a madman out of blunts like 10 a day and stuff.

    My voice has become raspier, it hurts and even when I took a break from blunts for like 3 weeks its the same. My question is should I buy a pipe and not use blunts anymore, im not sure if they are the cause of the throat problems or not though, so just any advice or help is welcomed.

    Thanks, Aeson
  2. TriggerHappy370

    TriggerHappy370 New Member

    Well all my friends think blunts are the worst for you but they could be wrong. Blunts are the coolest way to smoke tho, you look like such a G with a blunt in your mouth.
  3. hauptmann

    hauptmann Seasoned Activist

    Smoking anything is bad for you and cigar tobacco paper seems to be one of worst. Smoking 10 blunts is bad for your health. Everything in moderation. I love smoking blunts, it is probably my favorite method of smoking. However I don't smoke one every session. I stick to my bong or pipe and save the blunts for the rare occasions. Blunts make for specials smokes now and carry some sentiment for me.

    Smoking any substance is going to be bad for you. Smoking marijuana isnt healthy for your lungs but it is certainly less harsh than blunt papers. I would stick to pipes or bongs and save the blunts for now and then.
  4. TriggerHappy370

    TriggerHappy370 New Member

    Same with me, I only smoke blunts with friends. When I smoke alone i use my bong or pipe.
  5. I love Blunts as much as the next person but it is probably the worst way of smoking weed as far as health goes. They are very tempting though because of the great flavor you can get and the smooth hits not to mention its easy to transport and much safer. I stick to them like many others with friends because obviously they hold much more weed than most bowls and joints can.
  6. fyse0

    fyse0 New Member

    I smoke whatever feels good at the time, if I feel like a blunt I'll roll one. But it's worse for ur health im sure a little bit, but if your worried quit smoking weed. the blunt vs bong or bubbler wont make that big of a difference. smoke is smoke
  7. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Blunts are made of Tobacco Leaves

    Tobacco is a known carcinogen and it contains the highly toxic and addicitive drug nicotines which is more addiciting than heroine.

    You were better off health wise smoking from tin-foil.

    Buy a pipe -- better yet, buy a Vaporizer like the Vapir or Herbalaire.
  8. Bx4Lyfe_2005

    Bx4Lyfe_2005 Well-Known Member

    Aeson: You really REALLY need to 1) take a rest from smoking, period and 2) go to a doctor and get yourself looked at.

    Smoking 10 a day, every day is HARSH. I'm willing to bet you stripped the hairs/lining of your throat clean by smoking that much per session. Your body is trying to tell you not to abuse it like that! Save blunts for special times, and give yourself time to heal (I would personally say at least a month or 2) before lighting one of those again. And even then, I would limit it to 1 per session.

    If you've experianced any real telltale symptons like blood in your salivia, bleeding gums, clogged stuffy ear(s), I repeat you really need to get to a doctor as soon as your able. You are not doing anything to promote your long term health.
  9. dankmaster420

    dankmaster420 New Member

    That's crazy!!

    What Mamabudz said blew my mind! I had no idea that smoking out of tin foil was worse than blunt papers!

    Also i want to say that i agree with Mamabudz about the vaporizer. the only problem with vaporizers are that they are big and bulky and if you mom comes over to your apartment, it won't be hard for her to find it, which sucks when she's too ignorant to know that smoking herb, especially out of a vaporizer is no prob!
  10. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest that ... the tin foil was a better choice

    Check out the vaporizers I mentioned, they aren't big or bulky -- smaller than quart of milk...
  11. Fluffhead

    Fluffhead New Member

    just stick with a pipe, or better yet, a bong. bongs are no where near as harsh as blunts. They also filter the smoke and cool it down, letting you get more powerful hits everytime. It also dosen't burn your throat. Blunts are great with friends but try to limit it to 1 a day or less. For now, just take a break like everyone said so your throat can heal otherwise you'll do some serious damage to your body.
  12. imported_Craig

    imported_Craig New Member

    The combustion of any organic material creates irritants and carcinogens, and cannabis is no different. The long-term effects of smoking any substance depends on frequency of use, duration of inhalation, and composition of the smoke. This leads many to assume that the effects of cannabis can be directly compared to other well-known smoking materials such as tobacco. However, direct comparisons of the two are probably invalid because the chemical composition and methods of usage are not the same. Studies on the subject are inconclusive and have not isolated all the possible factors exacerbating or ameliorating the effects of cannabis user. Here are some of these factors:

    Possibly exacerbating factors:

    • Studies have pointed out that cannabis produces more tar and burns at a higher temperature than tobacco.
    • Some cannabis smokers inhale the smoke more deeply and hold it in their lungs for a longer period of time.
    Possibly ameliorating factors

    • Generally, even a chronic cannabis user does not inhale a daily volume of smoke equal to that of a tobacco smoker.
    • Industrialized cultivation and preparation of tobacco introduces a variety of toxic and carcinogenic additives and congeners such as nitrosamines, arsenic, radium-226, and polonium-210. In home-grown cultivation, these contaminants are less likely to be introduced.
    • There is evidence to suggest that cannabinoids present in cannabis may actually serve to protect against cancer. [6]
    While some studies have claimed a positive correlation between cannabis use and lung cancer, this might primarily indicate only that cannabis use may correlate with tobacco use, and more objective scientific attention is needed to separate these and other factors in order to better understand the potential long-term physiological effects of cannabis use itself. Updated reports seem to suggest that when the data is properly analyzed, the correlation may in fact be negative
  13. BudBOi26

    BudBOi26 New Member

    I used to never smoke blunts, It was always glass pipe and bongs until my friend moved. Now when we go to chill with him its just a lot easier to get an L than anything else, but they are a lot harsher on the lungs. I miss the days of sitting around the bong and have huge sessions where we'd go through an 8th in a sitting. Nowadays we never have more than 2 grams and there's no where to really sit and chill, so we're usually contstantly moving and it's just a lot shadier to smoke a blunt walking down a street than it is a pipe.
  14. bens132002

    bens132002 New Member

    blunts cut up your lungs and do damage quicker then every other way of smoking...My friend and i were smoking like 2 bowls and a blunt or 2 and he just started puking out was really i tend to stay away from blunts only for a special time
  15. Insaneteacher

    Insaneteacher Fare You Well

    you know i've never smoked a blunt in my entire marijuana smoking career. kind of odd. anyway, i don't really know anything about the harmful effects, but it sounds like they've been described pretty well. but you do seriously need to take a break from smoking. marijuana is much more enjoyable in moderation. :D
  16. trainingday

    trainingday New Member

    naw just keep smokin blunts, i mean the smoke your inhaling is still gonna **** up your lungs any way you smoke it. theres nothin like rollin a fat blunt and smoking it all to yourself. :cool:
  17. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Marijuana smoke and Tobacco smoke are very different ... up and learn a whole lot...
  18. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Amen to that. if you think marijuana smoke and tobacco smoke do the same amount of damage, you have much to learn.....
  19. snakedbz2

    snakedbz2 New Member

    being black i smoked blunts my whole smoking career never had any throat irrataion that lasted 1o minutes after smoking they are made from tobbacco paper but the amount carcinogens would be nowhere near a cig. being that the mass of an empty blunt is less than a gram how much more dangerous would you suppose it is to say a rolling paper not much more right blunt are by in my opinion the best method no need to relight if you can roll good you can get them to last 10-15 mins then there are rolling papers which i dont prefer anymore easily the flame goes out sometimes they are a beast to light again and i often end up trowing a substantial amount away because of that pipes i will never pick one up when blunts are around the most hated i frankly dont see why people would use i bought one it was nice spent thirty bucks on it in my opinion wasnt worth it had a nice piece to you have to light it all the time not convenient to carry and when your done smoking you spend half of your just trying to keep cause thirty mins later it will fade then your darn thumb hurts because of the constant relighting. BLUNTS much better you can walk throught the nieghborhood without looking like your addicted to an off topic because of the pipe and when your just sitting you can just chill dont even have to worry about spilling a bowl
  20. TronFromDaCity

    TronFromDaCity New Member

    Like everyone else, I recommend trying bongs, glass/wooden/metal pipes, or vaporizers and seeing if your symptoms go away. If my throat and lungs were feeling as bad as yours, I would quit smoking anything all together and pay a lot more attention to my health, and go to a doctor if you dont feel better soon. But 10 blunts a day is crazy! Thats a minimum of being high for at least like 10 hours of a day if one blunt gets you high for one hour (and they usually last longer than this). I don't think anyone needs to be high more than 10 hours in one day, and especially not everyday.

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