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  1. those waves

    those waves New Member

    So ive been rolling a lot of blunts lately. Normally i buy a honey green leaf dutch master, pull off the leaf carfully, open it up at the seam, roll with weed, and then nicely roll the green leaf back around the blunt. I was wondering how you guys think it would work out if i take 2 brown leafs from 2 golden blunts and roll the weed in the two of them one of top of the other. Then taking a green leaf and wrapping it around the whole thing. This way no artificial tobacco blunt wrap bullshit is being used. Do you think it would burn properly and come out ok? Id prolly us honey to help it burn really slow... idn let me know what you think. Also is there any way you can buy just like tobacco leaves from like a cigar shop so i dont have to buy like 3 different cigars to do this?

    JETDRO New Member

    dude i didnt unddertand anything you said, but just go buy some grape phillies or some royal blunts.
  3. 90minuteIPA

    90minuteIPA Subscriber

    You speak in such metaphor. Are you a poet?

    But seriously, it would be easier to buy some backwoods, or a fronta leaf instead. Save you a lot of trouble and money.
  4. those waves

    those waves New Member

    Basically im asking you guys how you thik a blunt would smoke if i were to eliminate the artificial blunt wrap in the middle and roll it with only the leaves. I have thought about the backwoods but the leaves seem really think and nasty. Regargless im going to try it tonight. So ill let you know how it all works out.
  5. notoriousn04

    notoriousn04 New Member

    try backwoods...they are handrolled cigars that come in a pack of 8. when you wet and unroll them (like you might a dutch) there is no extra paper there when the tobacco falls out, all you are left with is a sweet and thick leaf that you should have no problem rolling if you've been rollling dutches the way you have. just leaf on leaf, my dawg, don't get much better.

    edit: sorry didn't read the whole last post, backwoods are good i ask that you don't knock it until you actually try it
  6. Darkdrift

    Darkdrift Sr. Member

    dude i use the same blunts leave the green leaf on there, more support make sure to rip the cancer papers off at the end tough
  7. Jack_Torrance

    Jack_Torrance The Other One

    it would probably work, but it might be hard to roll the first layer because those outer leaves are pretty flimsy. you should try and report back, you probably won't find anyone here that has actually done that already.
  8. It would work perfectly. You should really try to get some fanta leaf. Its very hard to come by, but its cheap and its all natural. Basically its just tobacco leaves that you keep moist in a ziplock bag or wateva until your ready to roll a blunt.
  9. That420biatch

    That420biatch Banned

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  10. DaDornta


    Wow, I never knew there was such a culture and terminology around blunt usage!

    I tend to shy away from blunts because of the flavor (i like my weed taste), and they seem to use quite a bit of weed. Usually only dirtweed gets rolled into blunts around my circle of friends...

    Although at a party, you can't beat a good blunt to get tons of people high!
  11. 90minuteIPA

    90minuteIPA Subscriber

    Hrm, I always called them fronta leaf.
    Fanta Fanta, don't you wanta?
  12. ADIDAS

    ADIDAS Represent. KY

    Fucking wierd man! I had my first Fanta like 15 minutes ago and was singing that song. Dammit I am going to have to make a thread on de ja vue.
  13. 90minuteIPA

    90minuteIPA Subscriber

    Hahah, good stuff. I love when stuff happens all coincidentally. Too bad we weren't in the middle of a sesh.
  14. ADIDAS

    ADIDAS Represent. KY

    Check my new thread ahahahahaha.
  15. BUDeBOY.FL

    BUDeBOY.FL New Member

    well with three wraps, it would probably be way too overwhelming. it probably wouldn't even have a nice weed taste.You would have to make each wrap nice and tight over eachother, one spot where its loose will create your runs, inside or outside the blunt. I tried a fresh cuban from south America, good friend went on vacation, smoked half of it then decided to bust it and roll it up, and that one layer of tobacco was so strong it ruined the weed flavor. so yah, I think it wouldn't work very well, unless you dont like the weed taste. Honey would definitely help though.
  16. ZeppelinHero

    ZeppelinHero New Member

    try a backwoods, or an outlaw i think there called. try finding outlaw. you might enjoy them
  17. Dark

    Dark Fool on the Hill

    May I recommend rolling a marijuana cigar? :). Not a blunt, but weed rolled within marijuana leaves instead of tobacco. There are methods online you can search for, but it's pretty plain and dry what you need to do. Stick it together with a lil resin on the INSIDE and ur good :)
  18. 90minuteIPA

    90minuteIPA Subscriber

    I vow to one day roll one of those. And every other creation in that handbook. And to make a Death Star Bong.

    cot damn i'm fuckin' blazed. [​IMG]

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