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    So I was at the Phish show 2 weeks ago and I whipped up a batch of killer brownies. I ate 1/2 while my friends ate an entire one. I don't really smoke much anymore so I was seriously tripping out. My mind was racing 1,000 miles an hour and I was kinda bugging trying to keep my mind from going into a dark place. After a few hours I started coming down and getting a grip on myself but still didn't feel 100%.

    The next day I was feeling kinda sluggish as can be expected. My stomach was all messed up (I assume from the heavy drinking the past 2 nights) and my vision was kinda off like I was still stoned. I figured it would go away in a day or so and I didn't think anything of it. Well 1 week passed and my stomach and eyes/head were getting worse. Another week passed and while my stomach is getting under control my eyes/head is another story. It is kind of hard to explain exactly what I am experiencing but my eyes kinda hurt as does down my temples to my ears and my vision is blurry in a way but its also still clear to the point where I can read and see etc... I am sensitive to bright light and I see after images like if someone flashed in your face. I see the after image of objects for a sec or so when I look away. I went to my regular doctor and he isn't sure what is going on and suggested I go to the eye doctor which I am going to on Thursday.

    In any event, being a smoker/eater for about 10 years now I am not one to question this but I was curious as to if this could have ANYTHING to do with that brownie or if it is all just a big coincidence occurring at the same time. As I said, 3 of my friends ate twice the dose and they are all fine so my guess would be no but I am just trying to figure out what could possibly be my issue as it is really starting to freak me out and I just want an answer.
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    My 10 cents: (inflation)

    Since you whipped up the brownies, I for 1 would rule out accidentally getting some bad stuff, or getting the pcp one by mistake, or whatever. Possibly a virus of some type, made worse by drinking/getting high/ etc., with the attendant dehydration. I wouldn't worry, unless the doc sez its bad, I would just drink lotsa fluids, keep up on sleep, and post the brownie recipe. It'll make you feel better. ;)

    ~~The Once And FutureGrower
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    Yeah I made the entire thing personally and my other friends are fine. I have been on medication for the past 4 days and is supposed to work for up to 10 days. My stomach is still kind of messed up but nowhere near as bad as 2 weeks ago. My eyes is what is concerning me. I don't like not having any idea what is wrong with me. Hopefully I will get some answers on Thursday. If it is as simple as needed glasses (I don't see how I can go from perfect vision to needing glasses in 1 weekend) then I will feel silly but relieved. If not, I guess I have to go to some other doctors. I will post my recipe when I can dig it up.
  4. Rumpy

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    well while sleeping your body slows down... so does your high. because its not leaving your system as fast.
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    You said you tripped so i'll take it that it was acting as a hallucinogenic. The blurry vision, and more notably the after images, could possibly be Hallucinogenic Persisting Perception Disorder. Some people after tripping never come back to baseline fully and have after effects that can last very long (years, life, etc). People who develop HPPD experience things like seeing images form in things such as seeing a face in clouds, having color perception altered (the natural hue of everything is off, maybe hallucinogenic purple etc), having after images or seeing two of one thing, seeing movement that is not taking place, and may experience trails in vision.

    Really I doubt this would be HPPD as i'm faily sure it doesn't usually happen with just marijuana but is more associated with offtopic fungi and acid, but you did say you tripped.

    Oh and it wouldn't account for the stomach issues.
  6. killerz298

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    Considering I have never taken anything like acid or shrooms I really can't compare it to the experience I had however I wasn't seeing anything unusual or more so than previous times I have consumed or seriously smoked like a gravity bong. I wasn't seeing little green men or anything like that I was just really stoned to the point of trying to keep myself under control from having a panic attack (which I used to get constantly when I first started smoking.) So I would describe tripping in that sense.

    After reading the description on HPPD it does sound similar to what I am experiencing.

    Typical symptoms of the disorder include: halos surrounding objects, trails following objects in motion, difficulty distinguishing between colors, apparent shifts in the hue of a given item, the illusion of movement in a static setting, air assuming a grainy or textured quality (visual snow or static, by popular description), distortions in the dimensions of a perceived object, and a heightened awareness of floaters. The visual alterations experienced by those with HPPD are not homogeneous and there appear to be individual differences in both the number and intensity of symptoms.

    Out of the above, I would say I have a little bit of the halo thing, not much on the trails but a little bit, don't have the color or hue thing, not really much on the illusion of movement, as to the the visual snow if they mean a sort of blurriness then I guess that is my main symptom and no distortions in dimensions or floaters. I would say though that the alterations are quite homogeneous and there aren't really any individual differences in number and intensity. It is really all the same all the time. At least it gives me a starting point if I do in fact need to see a neurologist. Something to at least discuss. Thanks for the info.
  7. willowmp

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    yep nps.

    After tripping on off topic fungi I noticed that when I looked at certain things, such as a towel, I see the towel moving and rippling a little bit. It definitely lessened with time but I still get minor changes, though these are definitely not as serious as what you describe.

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