Body twitching when high?????

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by wandrug, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. wandrug

    wandrug New Member

    Im not sure, but i dont tink im alone in the world of twitching or shakes!!! Ive become notorious amongst my smoking mates as "the twitch" when were smoking. Meself n 3 great fellas in college smoke alot, we smoke a nice bit of weed and herbal smoke but predominatly hash. But no matter what we smoke dere ll come a stage, usually after bout an hour n half of good smoking, i ll start!! it always starts in my legs, either a short sharp twitch or foot tappin, witout fail this ll happen me. I dont mind it n it doesnt really bother me as it provides some comic relief from usually stressfull games of "CUP". Just wondering does anyone else feel my plight!!!!
  2. fre3k

    fre3k New Member

    has occured in the past

    i have had problems twitching in the past, mostly when smoking low grade stuff. i can get very potent buds now and i hardly ever have that problem. cheers.
  3. Ianfagerstrom

    Ianfagerstrom New Member

    I've had it happen on occasion, but typically I just focus on my breathing and it subsides. Nothing to worry about though, you're smoking one of the most non-toxic substances known to man.
  4. 2slo2run

    2slo2run New Member

    I almost always smoke higher grade stuff and notice it occasionally. There is one guy who always gets me the same stuff, if I smoke a little or a lot I don't twitch but there is a point in the middle (2 or 3 bowls) where I tend to twitch. Most of my friends notice they move a bit more and some also refer to it as a twitch. Never though much of it, kinda interesting and makes you know you're still alive.
  5. Dudeimanoldfart

    Dudeimanoldfart New Member

    Hah i know what your talking about! I used to twitch quite often, when I was really high, ha my friends did too. But I haven't had it happen recently. It's a body twitch mostly.
  6. TheQuestionMark

    TheQuestionMark Sr. Member

    ya it's been happening to me ever since the first time I got high. I think it is very enjoyable and am a little disappointed when I dont get the twitches. Just go with it, they're fun.
  7. Tablecup420

    Tablecup420 New Member

    I've had twitches a few times. It only happens when I'm REALLY baked and I haven't had anything to eat yet.

    Man.. I want to taste perfection on those occasions.... God, I want to got to White Castle so fucking bad!!!
  8. o0HAZE0o

    o0HAZE0o New Member

    i just recently started getting the twitch after smoking.....usually in my leg or shoulder, which i think is a wierd spot to twitch...feels really wierd lol...
  9. RagTagMopTop

    RagTagMopTop New Member

    The first time I experienced this was maybe the fourth or fifth time I had firecrackers.

    I've noticed it occasionally after when I smoke. No idea what causes it. If you did some research I'm sure you could find out, it's just not so much of a problem for me that I'm going to go out of my way to fix it.
  10. Van Ocken

    Van Ocken New Member

    It is likley nothing to be scarred of, but if it get severe or if it starts to freak you out, seeing a good doctor might help put your mind at ease.

    I teach Tai Chi and Chi Gung. During standing meditation, my students often start twitching and/or shaking. They usually freak out and get scarred when this happens for the first time. It is a normal part of the opening and deep relaxing of the body. As the body relaxes and you start letting go of tention, the body can shake.

    If you purposly calm down and take slow deep breaths, the shakking should stop. Remember that it is just your body letting go of tention. Get up and walk it off, you lazy stoner!

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