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  1. WeedMonster

    WeedMonster New Member

    wtf does this mean? bogart? i've heard the term used, but i never found an answer
  2. Qwel

    Qwel New Member

  3. Qwel

    Qwel New Member

    You made me want to find out damn you! heh anyway

    "Never bogart. (What does "bogart" mean? Well, if you've ever seen Humphrey Bogart in a movie, he always has a cig going, but he hardly ever takes a hit. To "bogart" a joint, then, is to waste it by holding it while talking or whatever, and letting it burn to no one's benefit.)"
  4. WNB

    WNB Seasoned Activist

    -Letting the joint burn while you talk.
    -Drooling on the J.
    -Taking more hits than your group allows.

    Puff, puff pass, or puff pass, are appropriate things to say to someone engaged in bogarting ;)
  5. Conine

    Conine Seasoned Activist

    So funny this came up. Recently we've watched a lot of Bogart movies and had a blast turning it into a bit of a smoking game... basically, if Bogey's smoking, we're smoking. Well, if he has one lit, anyway. If he's smoking a cigar, someone has to mention that Bogey's smoking a fat blunt. Hell, I started looking forward to watching movies with him in it as if he was some sort of marijuana cultural icon.

    (It's one of those things you have to actually do to understand I think.)
  6. Blaze_The_Tree7

    Blaze_The_Tree7 New Member

    We use the word bogart at my school when we are playing hacky-sack in a circle. The person who sits there and hacks while we just stand there watching him as he never passes it is "Bogarting It." So here it dont mean necessarily mean wasting it, but rather "hogging" it like most people say.
  7. KingJuggalo

    KingJuggalo Guest

    Yea, bogarting = hogging.

    Funny incident involving the term. :p So we had just finished smoking and i was in the kitchen looking for something to drink. My friend had drank all the dr. pepper and i said to myself "muthafuka bogartin' all the damn sodas.." and when i took my head outta the fridge, my friend was standing there looking at me. He was about to crack up, and when i started to smile, we just laughed for like 20 mins.
  8. JonnyLentilbean

    JonnyLentilbean New Member

    Don't bogart that joint, my friend
    Pass it over to me.
    Don't bogart that joint, my friend
    Pass it over to me.
    Roll another one
    Just like the other one.
    This one's burnt to the end
    Come on and be a friend.

    good song. does that help explain the meaning?
  9. ManMulcahey

    ManMulcahey Wilson, King of Prussia

    boggart equalls taking. If some one boggarts your lighter he took your lighter. "hey man did you boggart my lighter".
  10. Barker

    Barker Cunt.

    I always thought it was to turn down a joint/bowl

    ........Obviously something most of us would never do.
  11. Mounty_Ninja

    Mounty_Ninja New Member

    im almost possotive that to bogart means to hog somethin. so like if ur smokin in a spliff or somethin and one guys not sharin say quit bogartin the spliff.
  12. Ernesto

    Ernesto Banned

    bogart means to hog something.
  13. punx

    punx New Member

    Its the last name of a arcade game character from Fatal fury.
    Terry bogart.
    Andy bogart.
    The game is a action fighting game similar to Street fighters.
  14. punx

    punx New Member

    Bogart my joint.
    Humphrey Bogart.

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