Boiling Urine???

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by, Mar 28, 2006.

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    ok so since a vaporizer needs to be heated to a certain degree in order to release the thc....then would boiling your urine possibly remove all thc from it? Im sure this has probably been done before, but i'm really not sure if this would work.
  2. itswoodie

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    I've never heard of anyone doing this, but I would think that along with the THC you'd probably lose some other things too - which might look sketchy to the lab. :shrug:
  3. Hawg

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    Not real sure but I would say it would render it useless
  4. Explicit

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    I can tell you that first, there is no THC in your urine. Sorry, you can't smoke it and get high. :D It's THC metabolites so you can't really compare this to a vaporizer, well for a multitude of reasons really but that's another story. ALSO, heating of proteins and such breaks them down. You would end up breaking down too many components of your urine. I don't think it would pass the test if you were clean and did this, let alone if you were not clean. Also, you would end up boiling off some H20 in the process which would also mess up your concentration levels of certain components of the urine.

    On top of that, can you imagine boiling your urine? How would that make the home smell?
  5. nerphroll

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    I agree with Explicit that the boiling of urine would be very likely to alter it in fundamental ways. Regardless, boiling urine would probably not release the THC in vapor form like a vaporizer does because the minimum vaporization temperature for THC is approximately 185 degrees celsius, as compared to 100 degrees celsius boiling point for water, or the slightly higher boiling point for urine (due to boiling point elevation from urinary solutes). Thus, neither water nor urine can get hot enough to vaporize the THC without first being vaporized themselves into a gaseous phase.
    Speaking of, excuse me while I pay a visit to my vape.

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