Boiling weed?

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by SuperTorch, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. SuperTorch

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    Would boiling a full bag of weed make it release all of the goods into the water, that you could then collect or use in a drink like lemonade. What is the best way to release the contents of herb say if you used 1ounce or so, any known methods to get it strait off the plant.
  2. Frojoe

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    THC is fat soluble not water soluble I believe.
    Check this out for cooking with pot.
  3. troublemaker420

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    Boiling weed would release the THC into the vapor(steam), I'm guessing, and you'd lose it all. Theres no fat in water for the THC to bond to, so it would simply be released into the air. The water wouldn't have any thc in it when you were done
  4. VaporizorMariJ

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  5. SuperTorch

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    well, if it released at all into the water then in order for it to evaporate very fast it would have to float on top of the water which could be scooped up fast before it evaporated. As far as boiling in veg oil , since say .10 ounce herb is quite a bit but could be boiled with a small enough veg oil 3ounces that the entire amount of veg oil could then be used to say bake cup cakes. I was looking more to put it in liquid form though. Also as far as evoprating if you have a lid on it it would fall back into the pot, you'd think 10 minutes in boiling water would release it all unless by it very nature it stays bound to the plant unless it touched by a fat soluble liquid.

    Looking at some of those recipies lets me know if I had it ground fine enough like say a fine pepper, it may not effect the taste of a lot of foods. Pot Hot Chocolate sounds very interesting on a cold day.
  6. SuperTorch

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    Butter plan sounds killer, I'll then put it on toast with grape jelly and a glass of milk and bacon and eggs. Cool YouTube is down but I'll be watching that for sure.
  7. VaporizorMariJ

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    Using veg oil will work if u simmer the weed. Make sure your not at to high of a tempurature for to long. Watch that video man... you can even put like h/o of weed in veg oil for 2 months strain it and it will get u really high because all the thc bonds with the fat.

    Yea I noticed youtube was down :angry:
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    That video is awsome,hans and hans. hahahaha :rofl2:
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    THC breaks down into an oil at 250 degrees and vaporizes at 350 degrees and is "NOT" water soluble! It will evaporate and not be soaked up by the water. THC is "fat" soluble and will be released into butter/margerine/cooking oil and any other fat products. To make canna-butter, put 1# of butter into a pot and melt it down. Add 1 oz. of good smoke or 2 oz. of shake and simmer at the "just before or LESS than boiling" point for about an hour. Oil and butter boil at 350 degrees and the THC will break down before that. The fats in the butter will soak up the THC. Straign the butter and squeeze out as much as possible. You should get almost all the butter back, but Put it into a dish and put it in the fridge. When it hardens, you can use it in any recipe with very good results. I like to make cookies and Fudge is mostly butter so it really works well and you don't need a very big piece...THC is also "Alcohol" soluble. You can use your favorite hard liquor. 151 or Everclear work best but you can use anything 80 proof or better. Just soak the weed in the alcohol for a few months. It will work to only let it soak for a month but the longer, the better. The alcohol will soak up the THC and you shouldn't need more than a shot to get you buzzed good. Two if you want to get good and fried.

    What ever you do, DON'T boil it in Bye, Bye


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