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Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by DickSmoke_4, Nov 13, 2005.

  1. DickSmoke_4

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    This probably has already been a topic, but I couldn’t locate it, so here we go…

    I’m a new smoker. I’ve only been smoking since July, and for the most part I have only taken hits from blunts and bowls. Last night I was surrounded by experienced smokers and sort of felt like a tool because they were taking nice bong hits, and I had no clue how to hit it. They tried showing me, but I just couldn’t get a good hit. Can anyone explain how to use one? Thanks.
  2. tEh_rEn

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    My bong does not have a carb, it just has the bowl with the stem. When I take a hit I hit the it kinda slow, let the whole bong fill up with smoke, I then stop inhaling for a second, remove the bowl and stem from the bong, then inhale all the smoke thats in the bong and inhale some fresh air (this makes sure that the smoke makes it into my lungs and does not stay in my throat) hold it for a second and ex-hale. With a bong you will be taking hits that are about twice as big as with a pipe. I started off on a bong and have recently switch to a pipe and joints, I am actually starting to HATE bong, it takes away from the good tast that you get from pipes and joints, but it does allow for bigger hits as the smoke is cooled.
  3. hauptmann

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    Put your mouth on the bong. Light the lighter and put it to the weed. Inhale and get the bowl cherried. Fill the chamber. Pull the slide/bowl out and clear the the chamber with a nice strong inhale.
    :bong2: :bong:
  4. Hashishi

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    and be careful when you really rip on it to make sure you don't swallow the smoke...that ****'s nasty. it might sound like a weird concept to the uninitiated, but it can happen when you don't prime your gullet for the hit (all too easy when your ****ed up). its ****ing hilarious seeing someone do it though :rofl2: its gotta be said.

    /\/\/\ oh yes, post 1k
  5. Growguy

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    something to keep in mind - if you smoke cigarettes your maximum lung capacity will be reduced. the only way to get a larger lung capacity is aerobic excercise (running, rollerblading, swiming) i've read that it takes on average 40 minutes of excercise (at the same time) to increase lung capacity. The people you see take mad mad bong rips either a) dont smoke cigarettes and/or b) excercise and are in good physical shape.

    but like someone else already mentioned, you light the bowl and watch the bong billow with smoke. now, as you feel yourself getting "full" as in you can't handle anymore smoke without going into a coughing fit, you want to suck harder and then right away pull the bowl out of the bowl causing you to clear the smoke in the chamber. this will take time to do and get ready to people making fun of for not being able to clear the chamber. depending on bong size you need a really good lung capacity to do this.
  6. Bx4Lyfe_2005

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    Just start easy overall, small pulls and pass on. Soon you'll be able to intake larger and larger pulls without hacking up a lung.

    Remember if you feel like your gonna cough, pull the pipe away from your mouth!...Nothing worse that having someone cough and volcano the piple and shoot water and ash all over the place. Definatly a fast way to make a bad impression.

  7. It is funny watching people do that. I like swallowing tiny hits and then burping them up a few minutes later. Its usually really funny when you are stoned to watch someone burp out smoke.
  8. cschaef13

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    This kid I know gets really really really ****ed up off weed. Anyways we packed like a gram bowl and put tobacco on top (for the sweet head rush haha). Anywho he took a FAT hit swallowed some of it and coughed his lungs out (poor guy, didn't want to laugh..but it was too funny). He started to hallucinate (no he was not joking, yes this kid gets ****ED). Anywho when I first started from a bong I took my bong, loaded a bowl, lit it until it cherried and sucked until I kinda felt a tingle in my throat (inhaling though NOT SWALLOWING!!!!) Then I would pull the shotgun take that as fast as I could and then hold it for a sec and exhale. Worked well for my first time. Getting a friend to light and pull the shotgun for you is alot of help for beginners.
  9. Bong Master

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    yo check it out when you wanna smoke through a bong make sure that the bowl is packed tight and all the way full and that the pull carb, if there is one, is sealed all the way(it wastes the weed if it isn't) then light the lighter and spark the bowl, inhale untill your lungs are 3/4 the way full and then carb it. its a rush if you do it right.

    Don't give up on the Bong man!

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