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Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by RIP JMorrison, Feb 27, 2001.

  1. RIP JMorrison

    RIP JMorrison New Member

    Lets think of some bong names, whether its your personal names or some of the popular ones. Here are some I remember:

    Billy Bong Thorton
    Wesley Pipes
    King Bong
  2. crackmunky

    crackmunky Guest

    I have Mr. Bubbles :)
  3. Tainted

    Tainted Guest


    This bong me and some friends made called the Grinch.. It is this big bottol that has the Grinch on it.. We put the Bowl where the Grinchs mouth is and we gave him red eye.. it looks prity ****in cool man
  4. JF

    JF Guest

    My bong's name is Pippi Bongstockings, i luv her, he he :)
  5. Jax Armani

    Jax Armani Guest


    i got two pipes

    "el pibe" spanish slang for "the kid" cause its tiney and glass

    "robo" cause its a hella tight high-tech metal one
  6. diogenes

    diogenes Guest

    Mine's Diogenes. Diogenes was the Greek father of skepticism. Skeptics often think in a type of circular logic, thus the Cartesian Circle in reference to Descartes...much like many a pothead friend of mine tend to think in a circle...
  7. Suggestions…

    Haven't named any myself, but I can think of several off the top of my head:

    Long Bong Silver

    Bong Q. Public

    It's the Same Old Bong (but it's been cleaned since you've been gone)

    —— Cheers! :wave: ——
  8. bo-battie

    bo-battie Senior Member

    mine are:
    The Hooligan (a long, dragon shaped fimo pipe)
    Lucifer (a bong with a devil head on it)
    Aladdin (a pipe that looks like something aladdin would smoke out of, kinda hard to explain)
    The Dirty Mexican (a fimo pipe i bought in mexico, and i couldn't think of a better name for it)
  9. Abracadabra

    Abracadabra Guest

    when i'm finally old enough to buy a bong i'm gonna find a picture of bon jovi, tape it to the bong and name him bong jovi.
  10. lets see...we have....
    puff the magic dragon (there is a dragon on it...)

    okey tokey
  11. FullyBaked

    FullyBaked New Member

    The Bubble Boy
  12. SuperBird

    SuperBird Guest

    I bought a pipe called a "Grand Duke" so I named it The Grand Duke of Earl. That one is sitting in a police evidence locker. I got another one and named it The Grand Duke of Nottingham.
  13. beastyb0yy

    beastyb0yy Guest

    In my circle We've got Pico and grande, a small and big glass pipe respectivly, Jasmine, Eve, and Greensmoke, Three glass bongs, Cleopatra, an inside out glass bat, and my boy thatcher's got a Glass bowl he calls "My Chamelion Pipe"
  14. elixir420

    elixir420 Guest

    Well between me and my friends we have a two foot clear glass bong with a metallic base with a bunch of colors, that is called Mr. President. We have one pipe that is called the fog because of the colors on it and another pipe called the ghost because the bowlpiece looks like a face of a ghost and the chamber looks like the body.
  15. beastyb0yy

    beastyb0yy Guest

    Wah hoo, just bought a new bong. She's about three feet tall, and is in the shape of a huge Tripping bear with a ten inch glass pipe coming out the top. She's sweet. I named her Delilah after the biblical figure. Damn evil women.
  16. Psycho Donkey

    Psycho Donkey New Member

    Cool, someone has the same bong name as me. Pippi Bongstocking.

    We had just smoked the first bowl from it and for some reason my friends decided to watch Pippi Longstocking and someone just blurted out "Pippi Bongstocking". We laughed our asses of and then I just decided to name it that.
  17. maryjanie

    maryjanie Guest

    I don't have a bong of my own to name, because my whole family uses the same bong...
    but my bf created this small bong he calls Mini Me...
    and Billy Bong Thorton i've heard alot! I've heard friends use it... and used their last name instead of Thorton which goes well.
  18. Bailey1138

    Bailey1138 Senior Member

    I used to have this acrylic 18" that was blue, so we called it Babe the Blue Ox. Unfortunately, the cops have that one now. still have a shorter one that was similar that got a crack in it which we fixed with some putty, so we called it the Crackpipe.

    We also used to have a number of other homemade bongs with some very interesting names, depending on what kind of container they were made out of Crazy Bong (a sports bottle called "The Crazy Straw"), Scooby Bong (a scooby doo water bottle), and Strawberry bong (a strawberry shaped bird feeder).
  19. B-man

    B-man Guest

    WOW! You guys really got ito it. Me and my buddy called his bong "Johhny". That way when our wives were around we would say "Where's Johnny" or "have you seen Johnny lately" or "Here's Johnny". It was obviously code but we always used it, and to this day, now that we are both divorced. Johnny stays,......the old lady goes!!
  20. chromevixen

    chromevixen Guest

    bong names

    haha my sister, her roommate, and i were sitting around one day, and my sister had pot. we didn't have a pipe. then, my sister's roommate realized that she had one of those yellow plastic mustard bottles, empty, so we made a bong out of it. i named it Colonel Mustard :)))... a few weeks later, i was horrified to realize that she had thrown the damn things away...

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