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Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by Rebel420, Nov 29, 2004.

  1. Rebel420

    Rebel420 New Member

    Hey all,
    My question to you all is, I am new to this mj smoking community, so I am not exactly clarified in all depths of topics relating to mj. I am planning to buy me a new bong, but I am not sure what size to get. I have only smoked once, and that was on a little crappy pipe I borrowed from my friend on thanksgiving, in which I coughed all over the place with. I went to my headshop and saw a couple bongs there. There was a 10" one, which is good to take with me to parties and to stash easier, but there is this 18" bong that im looking at too, which might be too hard on my lungs, I am not sure. The guy at the headshop said that the bigger the bong, the better the high, is this true? Both of these bongs can be filled with ice for killer cold smoke experience. Should I go with the 18" inch bong for 150 or the 10 inch bong for 100 bucks? Any opinions guys? The lungs arent really an issue for me, I can increase my tolerance in no time, what I a bong that will deliver nice, massive hits that will make the most out of my buds.
    Keep tokin,
  2. imported_PunkJunkie

    imported_PunkJunkie New Member

    go with the 18' man! if your anything like me, you wont regret it! Although, it doesnt matter how big the bong is, its how much weed you have that determines how high you get. a bigger one will be harder to clear, but its not bad. Plus with the ice i dont really think you'll have a problem, nice smooth hits! maybe you could post a pic of it????
  3. Illuminati420

    Illuminati420 Banned

    Go for the 18 in better deal than the 10in. Plus youll be 8in more satisfied if your not on the floor coughing a lung up.
  4. TiKiTiKi

    TiKiTiKi Sr. Member

    If i didnt have to worry about getting caught, I would definatly go for the 18 incher.
  5. Will88

    Will88 New Member

    Dude i say go for like a 6 inch one small enough to carry around in you pocket my friend had one and we always used his bong because it was better than any of our pipes. also easy to hide i know your new to this but trust me you need to be a ****ing super spy when it comes to hiding your stash and making sure you dont EVER get caught cause trust me when your caught it blows. i havent been able to smoke for 2 months since this ***** narked on me. :rant:
  6. reefermadness1

    reefermadness1 New Member

    I'd go for a nice bubbler because you can take them anywhere, for the most part they hit almost as smooth as a really nice bong, some even smoother...

    And although more of them aren't big enough to put ice in, you can fill the bubb with water and than put it in the freezer for a little bit and it will be just as good. If it snows in your area, you can also use that.
  7. anonymity

    anonymity New Member

    While an 18 inch bong will give you bigger hits, you might have trouble clearing it if you haven't smoked too many times. It took me a while to get used to my 14 inch RooR, and I didn't like to use it at first because it was a pain on the lungs. Once you get good at it, the bigger the bong, the fewer hits you have to take to get as high as you want. Plus, the high comes on harder because you're getting more THC and cannabinoids at once with a larger bong than with a smaller bong.
  8. TimeGuardian

    TimeGuardian New Member

    First bong hit I took sucked... I was already pretty high, and had the lighter over the bud and was inhaling, but the lighter hadn't been lighting the bud. After I was half out of breath and noticed this.. I then put the lighter closer and inhaled harder, then the smoke started commin a' rollin. It hurt, and I had been drinking a little bit of off topics, and smoking weed before this, and that just messed me up and gave me the spins.\

  9. reefermadness1

    reefermadness1 New Member

    oh god, the first time i used a bong was heaven...
  10. I'd say go with the 18" bong. You may have a hard time clearing it at first, but you'll get used to it. After you get a little practice you'll be glad you got the bigger one.
  11. Goblin Thug

    Goblin Thug New Member

    Go with the 18 incher, Because man that is a object you can give to your generations in the future! It is big and it makes u higher.

    I once smoked a 20 inch bong and it took me 12 breaths (Thanks Weiisky :laugh: )... It was so massive
  12. Rebel420

    Rebel420 New Member

    Awesome advice everybody
    Due to reading these posts, I have decided to go with the 18 inch Bong. I also got the idea of getting a small bubbler for traveling purposes too. What's the purpose of having a small, portable bong when you can have a bubbler with you, and a nice big 18" stationary bong at home ya know? I will go for the 18" one, and when I get it, I will post pics of it to show you guys, sound good?
    Thanks everybody
  13. Goblin Thug

    Goblin Thug New Member

    sounds great, I cant wait to see the pics hehe
  14. Hm, good way to jump in the game Rebel420. If I were you I would go with the 10 inch, its much easier to hide, wont be hard for you to smoke from, easier to clean..ect..
  15. reefermadness1

    reefermadness1 New Member

    Rebel I have the same philosophy exactly. I don't even use regular pipes, just a small easily hideable bubbler for going outside and a nice double perk for staying inside. It's really all you need in terms of glass...
  16. Colt45420

    Colt45420 New Member

    You already made a decision lol but I'm gunna agree w/ everyone on the 18'' one.

    I had a friend one time that hit a 6 foot bong for his first time ever... and after one hit he said he thought he was a walrus :daze: hahaha.
  17. Soul Rebel

    Soul Rebel New Member

    Good choice, I too am hopefully buying a bong pretty soon, but my problem is the only headshops are downtown, and I live about a 30 min drive, but I am probably getting a ride from a friend within the next week.
  18. TiKiTiKi

    TiKiTiKi Sr. Member

    Good choice with the 18
  19. sdragon1984

    sdragon1984 New Member

    yea, but if u have a cc, some cyberheadshops have 15 inchers for only 35 bucks...... acrilyc, but thats just as nice as glass, i think..... better if u count in the fact that they dont break
  20. reefermadness1

    reefermadness1 New Member

    As a rule of thumb: don't buy a piece that you can't later on sell to someone else.

    Good luck selling acrylic...

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