bongs get you much higher

Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by imported_ThurgoodJenkins, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. I always trhought blunts and bongs got you about the same highness

    I just packed two blunts and smoked them back to back

    I wasn't even that high

    then about a half hour later I smoked a bong bowl

    now I am high as shit

    The amount of weed in the two blunts was triple the bong bowl

    :love: :bong2:
  2. Coolguy

    Coolguy New Member

    Yeah I thought you would have known that already.
  3. Guess it isn't as obvious as one would think.:confused:
  4. Yaznaki

    Yaznaki New Member

    I usually smoke a bowl/bong after a blunt so I can get high :eek:

    I just feel the off topics offa the blunt for some strange reason...
  5. massgyoza

    massgyoza New Member

    hey i read on wikipedia that some smokers like to put milk in their water pieces. it said it makes it smoother. anyone tried?

    sound good though. ice cold milk to make the smoke real cool. stick it in the freezer for about fifteen-twenty after you toke, then down it. mmm.
  6. imported_redeyejedi

    imported_redeyejedi - smokaholic -

    Yeah bongs are great for the effect and for the efficiency :thumb:
  7. Coolguy

    Coolguy New Member

    ugh.. you'd have to PAY me to drink bong water.
  8. i knew they get me much higher than a pipe

    I never knew they'd get me so much higher than 2 back to back blunts
  9. kontroversy

    kontroversy Im Stpwned

  10. Plainsman1963

    Plainsman1963 New Member

    Well, I hate to rain on the parade...You might get a "rush" with the bong, but it doesn't get you higher...In fact, studies have shown that bongs and vaporizers both do worse than joints in THC transfer, as well as health benefits (filtering out tars, etc.)...
    And for those recreational users of vaporizers?

    Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful...:chokin:
  11. kontroversy

    kontroversy Im Stpwned

    I find it hard to belive that a vaporizer is worse for your health than a joint is.
  12. Plainsman1963

    Plainsman1963 New Member

    Sorry, I was referring to the bongs when I said health benefits...In fact, you can see in the quote...Well, let me requote it:
  13. nornerator

    nornerator New Member

    I don't understand how a vaporizer can even have a THC:Tar ratio. Tar is a by-product of combustion, in a proper vaporizer, there is no combustion.

    Also heat plate vapes are a waste of money, and the only other vape they tested was a heat gun, which is a similar concept except they ran it through water filtration.

    The fact that it out-performs a water bong, even after it has been put through the same filtration system as a water bong, means that if you took away the water filtration from both, leaving the water bong, an awkward pipe, and the vaporizer a normal vaporizer, it would out-perform a pipe.

    It also said that the heat gun with water filtration out-performed the unfiltered joint as well, so taking out the water filtration it is safe to assume that vaporizing is the most economical method.

    Also heat guns aren't the best for vaping, they are good, but a VB unit or one similar will produce even better results.

    And finally, unlike the ashy gross remains of a joint/pipe/water bong, the left over weed from a vape can be collected and used to make hash, or hash oil.

    If used correctly vaporizing will waste almost 0 THC.
  14. kontroversy

    kontroversy Im Stpwned


    If you have a proper bong setup for water filtration i think it would be hard for it not to be better for your health than a joint.
  15. Coolguy

    Coolguy New Member

    From what I read it was saying the opposite and it makes sense.

    Plains.. I remember reading this before but you gotta go on personal experiences with something like this. Nothing can put you on your ass like a huge bong rip can with the same amount of weed. Though the water is absorbing some of the THC in a bong rip, you're getting way more smoke in that hit than you ever could from a joint, pipe because you'd be coughing before that point.
  16. Plainsman1963

    Plainsman1963 New Member

    But then you also have to realize that the THC that is absorbed is absorbed within seconds of taking a hit.
    So, taking a "huge hit" doesn't mean you are absorbing more...In fact, it has been suggested you are wasting more because your lungs can only absorb so much and then the rest is expelled with the smoke.

    So in my opinion, all those folks that are taking huge hits and holding it instead of smaller hits are getting an effect of oxygen deprivation, not THC transfer. :)
  17. Coolguy

    Coolguy New Member

    So what is the amount of THC that can be absorbed at a time?

    I'd like to think that my extra highness is due to a nice hit and not oxygen deprivation ;)
  18. kontroversy

    kontroversy Im Stpwned

    Exactly so taking a larger hit will result in a larger THC content.

    If ( and i know ive seen the study ) the THC is absorbed within the first second or two, when the smoke first even gets a glimpse of your lung its absorbing. As that smoke gets pushed farther down into your lungs new smoke comes in contact with even more THC for you to enjoy. That will all result in getting faded off your mind.

    ***Personal experience****

    I cant tell you the last time i got high off a joint ( a blunt....ok ill give it a chance ) but i do remember i the last time i got faded off a bong...and that was today.
  19. Plainsman1963

    Plainsman1963 New Member

    Let's see if I can find something that has links...
  20. drOnly

    drOnly its blunt o'clock

    who cares what your smoking out of... joint , blunt, bong , pipe , vaporizer as long as you are smoking the herb you are good.

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