Bongs, THC, and Water Solubility

Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by poolman950, Aug 15, 2002.

  1. poolman950

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    My understanding was that THC is not water soluble...right? I've heard that a lot, and I've even read it in a few respectable sources.

    But then the study listed on this website, comparing the cannabinoid/tar ratio of joints/bongs/vaporizes, says that "This suggests that water filtration is actually counterproductive, apparently because water tends to absorb THC more readily than noxious tar"

    HUH?!?! :confused: Water absorbing THC? Really? So you lose THC when you use a waterpipe? THC is water soluble??

    Any help much appreciated
  2. jrs2001m

    jrs2001m Banned

    thats the thing about bong, u can take bigger hits cuz they're cool and store more smoke, then there's the joint, it hits harder because it's straight thc and resinated weed near the mouth piece but then it sits there and burns and you can't take as big of hits. that's why when u get a bong, u want a BIG one. peace, happy tokin'
  3. Leithreas

    Leithreas Toilet

    get a steam roller. a bong without the water ;)
  4. ncj

    ncj New Member

    just get a pipe or a spoon. no water, and great hits.
  5. thegoat

    thegoat New Member

    i use a steam roller mostly...but i find that i get the highest off of water can notice the amount of THC the water absorbs if you smoke a bowl slowly...but if you pack a decent sized bowl in a water pipe and take a huge can get much more water cooled smoke into your lungs... when i want to get realy baked i just take in a real slow fast burning hit off a water bong and its nothin on the lungs

    i would say use a pipe if you want to make the most of your THC...but if you wanna get realy Stoned use a water pipe for those monster hits...
  6. TimGunns

    TimGunns New Member

    A s-t-e-am r-o-l-l-er?? I'm not new at this smoking thing, but that's something I haven't heard of. Is it known by another name? Sounds nice though...
  7. glasyalabolas

    glasyalabolas New Member

    It's basically a pipe with a giant carb on one end. You just keep hitting it, and at the end of the hit (or intermittently during the hit) open the carb and let the air rush in.
  8. Leithreas

    Leithreas Toilet

    mmm steamroller :)

    the one i got is about 1 1/2 feet long.
  9. TimGunns

    TimGunns New Member

    Sounds like one of those little glass pieces, like the little ones you can buy on the street in Chinatown. Does the carb have to be hughe though? If it does, I guess it's a bit different, but if I get what you're sayin, i gotta agree with Leithreas...
  10. HappyHippy427

    HappyHippy427 New Member


    Does bong water trap resin? YES!

    It is true that THC is in fact a non-polar solute, (ie. NOT SOLUBLE in water), this is the reason for which you can pass smoke through water without loosing a great deal of potency.

    So how does it happen?

    However, we must also note the boiling point of THC: ~ 185 degrees celcius if i remember correctly.
    Bongs are designed to cool the smoke to make it more paletable, as well as removing heavier waste.
    When the smoke passes through the water, it is both cooled, and pressurised by the water. This has the combined effect of causing some of the THC to liquidify. Gravity does it's job and the THC stays put (in the water). This is not a solution but a suspension.

    However it is also true that THC IS photosensitive, and thus after excessive expose to light it breaks down... thus your bongwater is more than likely useless. Even so, boiling the water involves smelling up your kitchen, and your resin will contain much of the ash and other **** you intended to remove via the water.
  11. HappyHippy427

    HappyHippy427 New Member


    sorry, that last paragraph was from a message for someone else..... they wanted to boil down their bong water....
  12. Mattinwc79

    Mattinwc79 New Member

    More for the money

    What is the best way to smoke for the money?
    I know you can smoke out of a vaporizer and get insane amounts of fairly decent hits from a farily small amount of bud, or you can smoke out of a pipe and not waste the THC that gets dissolved in the water, or you can rip huge from a big bong.
    For the amount of weed, which method of smoking will get you the highest for the longest amount of time.
  13. Jadd

    Jadd Guest

    Get a bong, pipe, vaporizer, sherlock, bubbler, blunt wrap, vanilla flavored paper, or even an empty pepsi can, And smoke the weed however you feel like smoking it at that given moment.

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